When in Rome, don’t do as these two did.

Early Monday morning, two young American tourists trespassed and enjoyed a casual beer in the city’s iconic 2,000-year-old Colosseum. Upon discovery, authorities served them with a $900 fine — a fitting bill for such a spectacular bar. 

The duo were first spotted by a passerby at 5:30 a.m., according to CNN. They were seen talking and drinking, while nestled under arches on the second level overlooking the city. Authorities suspect the tourists, ages 24 and 25, had hoisted themselves over the high barriers protecting the infamous building and the park around it. 

“During the early hours of Monday morning some people noticed two young men drinking beer in the Colosseum, facing outwards on the second level,” a spokesman for the Roman carabinieri police told CNN. “They alerted a police car nearby, which then stopped the two young men on Via dei Fori Imperiali.”

Behavior like this is only suspected to increase in the Eternal City. Before Covid-19, landmarks such as the Colosseum saw 6 million visitors a year. While the number of tourists hasn’t returned to that level yet, officials are preparing for more occurrences of similarly disrespectful behavior.

The two were not arrested, only fined. But there’s one thing for certain: If Julius Caesar saw this behavior, he would have given it a thumbs down.