Correction: After publication, a spokesperson from Amazon reached out to clarify that the company is not involved in developing or producing the NEXT wines from King Estate. The original press release states that “NEXT is the first wine ever developed from conception to release with Amazon Wine,” but the spokesperson says that “the involvement from Amazon is limited to providing an innovative format for King Estate to launch a new brand and reach more customers.” The spokesperson also confirmed that Amazon does not have a financial stake in King Estate, or any equity in the winery.

It’s Amazon’s world and we’re just living in it. The online retailer — which also owns the Washington Post and Whole Foods — debuted a new wine on Amazon Wine on June 28. But unlike the company’s usual mantra of making things cheaper (thank you Amazon Basics for ensuring I never pay full price for an iPhone charger again), these wines come at a premium.

The wine, which is produced by King Vintners in Oregon under the brand NEXT, sells for $20, $30, and $40 dollars. The offerings (in order of price) are a pinot gris, a red blend, and a pinot noir.

“King Vintners represents an evolution in the King family’s wine enterprise – a ‘next’ generation look at wine by an old wine family,” Ed King III, a co-founder of King Estate, said in a press release. “Now another generation of the family begins its chapter of the story. Much of the drive for NEXT comes from younger King Estate family and staff – our work family.”

King Estate will only produce 1,500 cases of each wine. The prices don’t include shipping, although if you get three or more bottles there’s only 1 cent shipping. Even with the bulk price, you’re paying a premium to buy the wine online. According to Wine Searcher, King Estate’s pinot gris ranges from $13 to $18 and its pinot noir ranges from $20 to $40 in the store.

That’s just the price of convenience. Amazon ships alcohol in 28 states, and can ship in an hour or less in some of those states.

The wine is available on Amazon, AmazonWine, and will eventually be on the King Vintners website.