Your next beer run can be completed from the comfort of your couch.

Ahead of this year’s Amazon Prime Day promotions in mid-July, the corporation recently announced a collaboration with delivery app Grubhub. This partnership delivers Prime members free access to Grubhub+, a premium service by the delivery app that usually comes with a $9.99 per month price tag.

Prime members can now enjoy unlimited free delivery on orders over $12 and a donation match to over 20 charities, as well as restaurant offers and rewards exclusive to Grubhub+. For those of legal drinking age, this also includes alcohol delivery alongside food orders, where permitted by local law.

While this deal primarily packs an enviable deal for consumers, it’s also creating a somewhat symbiotic relationship for the companies involved. According to Bloomberg, the deal ensures that Amazon will hold a small share in the Grubhub company. The stake sits at two percent currently, but may rise to as much as 13 percent depending on the outcome of the promotion.

The partnership also intends to revive a struggling GrubHub. The delivery app, under parent company Just Eat, experienced plummeting pandemic sales in comparison to delivery rivals.

Amazon Prime members have a limited time to take advantage of the Grubhub collaboration. The promotional membership will be available for one year, and members can claim benefits through their Amazon account.

We see a street taco and Margarita night in your future!