As Starbucks selfies, glittering green convenience store sections, and bars gearing up for ignorantly-named JamesonBaileysGuinness concoctions tell us, St. Patrick’s Day is around the proverbial corner.

Luckily, there’s a less offensive (and more delicious-sounding) promotion we can get behind — Aldi will debut five Irish-themed cheeses next week. The assortment from the Happy Farms label are infused with beer, whiskey, and yes, two are green.

According to Food & Wine, the labels include Irish Cheddar with Beer, Irish Cheddar with Whiskey, Aged Irish Cheddar, Pesto Gouda, and English Sage Derby. That’s right, the green cheeses contain actual herbs. (When VinePair inquired whether the green color comes from the herbs or from food coloring , an Aldi social media correspondent said, “This is a great question!” Stay tuned for updates.)

At $3.99 each, the Irish-themed cheeses cost a fraction of the price of most cheeses this exciting. It’s also probably safe to say they’re less expensive than that tacky hat, headband, or tie you’re only going to wear once, too.

The collection will drop nationwide on February 27. Slainte!