Even if you can’t book a getaway to Mexico this year, this now-local drink might satisfy some of your thirst.

Tepache Sazón is first commercial brand of alcoholic tepache to launch in the United States, according to a press release. Tepache, a fermented beverage similar to kombucha that dates back to the Aztecs empire, is beloved in Mexico and its recipes vary widely by locality.

“Everyone in Mexico knows Tepache, and the different local expressions always come with a sense of community and pride,” brand managing director Rio Chenery says in the release. “It’s really the ‘newest’ old Mexican beverage, and we’re really excited to showcase these traditions and flavors to a new generation of American consumers.”

Tepache Sazón’s debut beverage, created with a fermented fruit base at 7 percent ABV, is brewed in San Pancho, Mexico. The drink combines ripe pineapple, raw cane sugar, and canela (a type of cinnamon) to offer bright tartness with spice, toasted caramel, and an “effervescent” fizz, per the release. The brand recommends enjoying tepache neat, mixed into a Mezcal cocktail, or served alongside beer in a shot.

Tepache Sazón is available in 375-milliliter bottles at $23.99 per 4-pack. It can be found in select U.S. retailers and establishments, and is imported by Back Bar Project.