Are You Smart Enough to Get a Reservation at the Alan Turing Bar?
Alan Turing Bar
Photo via The Bletchley

A new Alan Turing inspired bar is opening in London, but are you smart enough to get in?

The pop up bar, called “The Bletchley” after the English government facility where Turing cracked German codes, opens on March 17th. In true Turing fashion, you have to decipher a code before being put on the waiting list, which is 7,498 people long at the time of this writing.

The Bletchley’s inspiration was a computer scientist and mathematician who was crucial to the Allied victory in World War II. His technique to break German military codes using an early computer he called the “enigma machine” is estimated to have shorted the war by more than two years and saved around 14 million lives. You may be familiar with his name thanks to the award winning movie based on his life, “The Imitation Game,” or by the eponymous test for artificial intelligence, the “Turing test.”

Not just anyone can get a reservation at The Bletchley. On the bar’s website, there’s a link to the reservations page. If you click through, it takes you to a black screen with numbers and letters running down it like a scene in “The Matrix.” The word “litmus408” pops up in bold lettering, then scrambles to say “Are you paying attention?” If you can’t figure it out, you can tweet at The Bletchley with a preset tweet that reads, “I want the code to this cocktail bar! @thebletchley – #cocktails #london #popup”

The code breaking doesn’t end there if you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, The Drinks Business reports. The bar will have an enigma machine of it’s own that decrypts a person’s personality, taste, desires, and odor. The decryption goes to a mixologist via radio transmission, and then the mixologist makes a cocktail based on the information. Each person will get the recipe for their personalized cocktail in an envelope.

The only question now it, are you smart enough to get a reservation?