While grabbing an airport pint before a long flight is a something of an American pastime, travelers to certain airports — like those outlined in a recent data study — might be surprised that beer pricing can vary by up to $8 across the country.

LaGuardia airport in New York has the most expensive beer in the United States at $12.33 for a domestic brewski, according to a recent report by FinanceBuzz. It’s followed — not so closely — by Detroit Metro Airport ($9.36), Newark Liberty International Airport ($9.31), and Harry Reid International Airport ($8.86). Three New York City and two Dallas airports are included in the top ten most expensive macrobrews.

There’s an almost $3 difference between the top two most expensive airport beers, FinanceBuzz shares. The average across the 50 busiest spots is $7.42 per pint.

The report is based on compiled pricing data from the 50 most-frequented airports in the nation, considering a typical serving of a domestic macrobrew such as Budweiser, Coors, or Miller.

At the other end of the spectrum, Portland, Ore. has the cheapest recorded airport beer for $4.33 per regular serving. It’s followed by Salt Lake City International Airport ($5.00), Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport ($5.32), Charlotte Douglas International Airport ($5.50), and San Antonio International Airport ($5.83).

The full list of airport beer prices can be found on FinanceBuzz’s website. If you’re planning air travel with multiple layovers in the future, it might pay off to strategically choose where you’d like to sip those pre-flight suds.