Raiders fans drink all liquor on southwest flight
Photo via Chris Parypa Photography /

Planes have a monopoly on what you can and cannot drink on a flight. A crowd of Oakland Raiders fans traveling to Kansas City seem to have taken this as a challenge. On December 7, passengers on a Southwest flight from Oakland, California to Kansas City finished every drop of liquor on the plane. In response, the pilot congratulated everyone over the loudspeaker.

Jimmy Durkin, a reporter who covers the Raiders for the San Jose Mercury News, was on the flight, and let the world know about the drinking feat.

“Announcement on flight to Kansas City congratulates the entire aircraft for wiping them completely out of booze,” Durkin tweeted. “Yep, it’s a Raiders flight.”

You might be thinking, “Oh, of course they were Raiders fans.” Especially considering the stories of drunk Raiders fans fighting Ravens fans, Chargers fans, and even other Raiders fans. Or maybe you’re a part of the official Raider Haters Universe. But don’t be so quick to judge.

Durkin told Fox News that the heavy drinking passengers were “not particularly rowdy,” and that the whole thing was “pretty standard fare for a flight to a city where the Raiders are playing.” It’s still an impressive feat considering the list of options on Southwest flights. The average Southwest flight alcohol menu carries minis of vodka, tequila, Baileys, bourbon, rum, gin, Jack Daniels, and Scotch.

Unfortunately for the fans, the flight to Kansas was probably the best part of the trip. The Raiders lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 21-3 and lost their spot at the top of the AFC West rankings. Looks like it’s time for another drink, Raiders fans.