Though famously associated with big beer, AB InBev (ABI) has a vested interest in craft brewing. The company became the nation’s leading seller of craft beer this summer, following a string of brewery acquisitions between 2011 and 2017.

Yet, despite owning a number of smaller breweries, and leading sales of packaged craft-style beer, AB InBev still doesn’t appear to be completely at ease with the term “craft.”

The brewing giant recently launched a three-part Instagram TV series called “Brewers on Tap,” a show which includes interviews with the founders of some ABI-owned craft breweries. During the first episode, host Christina Perozzi asks: “What do you think craft beer is now? Do we even want to use the word?”

Jaron Mitchell of 4 Pines Brewing Co. answered, “I think the term will be gone in a couple of years’ time. Probably long before our time there was another term. Probably used to be called illicit beer.”

While the comments don’t come directly from an ABI spokesperson, it’s a strange inclusion for a series targeting craft beer fans.

Leo Leone, the executive creative director of the marketing firm which created the videos, said, “the campaign aims to address skepticism toward ABI’s role in the craft brewing industry.”

Call us skeptical, but including the notion that “craft beer” might be gone in a couple of years doesn’t seem like the best way to improve opinions on ABI’s role in craft brewing.