BrewDog is launching a hotelSometimes, you just can’t make it down to the hotel bar.

Scottish brewery BrewDog has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £25,000,000 (about $37,600,000) to create a beer hotel. BrewDog Hotel will be near the brewery, and the BrewDog team hopes the hotel will bolster the local economy by acting as a tourist destination. Who wouldn’t visit?

Cofounder Martin Dickie says, “We’re going to have draught BrewDog on tap in the bedrooms. We would love to have somewhere for people who visit us to stay, as we’re quite out of the way up here. This is something we’ve been thinking about for awhile.”

Well, that’s a relief.

$37,600,000 might seem like a lot of money for just a hotel and it is, which is why BrewDog also plans to use the funds to construct an additional 300-hectolitre brewery to create more of their in-demand beer. They also plan on building a distillery. Finally, with whatever money they have left over, they’re going to open 15-20 of their popular bars. Phew.

Although a brewery asking for such a large amount of money is… not typical, to say the least, Dickie says the provocative move is a purposeful one.

“The worst thing that is happening to the craft beer industry is when a big pub company comes along and makes a controlling stake in a small brewery to allow it to expand, or even buys it completely,” Dickie explains. “We’ve purposefully spread equity so widely that we’re no longer a target for these companies.”

BrewDog is launching a hotel
BrewDog clearly isn’t your average brewery.

BrewDog will release 526,316 shares of the company, with the minimum purchase of two shares for £95. The investment round will close April 20, 2016. So far, they’re off to a good start: BrewDog as already raised £1 as of April 22, 2015.

That hotel better be awesome.

H/t The Telegraph

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