Your favorite lager may just get a little tastier. According to Phys Org, University of Manchester researchers have uncovered a new species of yeast that could aid in the creation of better lagger. The discovery comes in collaboration with the NCYC (National Collection of Yeast Cultures), who have identified the new yeast as a member of the Saccharomyces family.

Though getting to the new yeast doesn’t come easy. Found in the French Alps at over 1,000 meters above sea level, the yeast has adapted to super cool temps for survival. Being that lagers use yeasts that ‘thrive’ in cooler temperatures, the new yeast could be ideal in future lager production.

The new yeast is apparently ‘closely related to the familiar brewers’ and bakers’ yeast.’ According to Dr. Steve James of NCYC, via Phys Org, the yeast is the first new species of brewing yeast to be discovered in the last six years. And as it turns out, there are more to be discovered; NCYC estimates that we’ve only discovered about 10% of yeasts that exist in nature.

Lager lovers, this could be a game changer.