Have No Fear, Gin Drinkers-- Your Berries Are Safe in the UK

Gin drinkers everywhere can now sip at ease; juniper berries will continue to thrive in the United Kingdom.

According to the Telegraph, juniper berries in the UK were hit with a fungus, potentially endangering the future of domestic gin production. However, thanks to a new “seed-collection project,” the berries will be safe and secure.

As the Telegraph reports, the UK National Tree Seed Project has begun harvesting and storing grapes in what they’re calling a Millennium Seed Bank, located in Sussex. The Bank doesn’t necessarily cure infected grapes, but promotes the conservation of these important little berries by cleaning them, examining them, and storing them underground in temperature controlled facilities.

Juniper berries are the fleshy cones that give gin it’s distinct, herbal flavor. In fact, a gin actually can’t be titled as such if it is not produced with juniper berries. 5.8 million seeds have already been collected since May of 2013, a necessary number, considering that gin is expected to surpass sales of Scotch in the next few years.

More berries, more gin — now that’s something that’ll make the Brits smile.