Dementia Wine ConsumptionDementia and Alzheimer’s are some of the toughest diseases to watch take hold of a loved one, but according to research coming out of Denmark, two to three glasses of wine or beer a day could offer some relief from the disease, especially when it is caught in its early stages.

According to the Danish scientists, 321 patients in the early stages of the diseases had their drinking behavior monitored carefully over a 3 year period. What the researchers uncovered from these observations was that those who drank a moderate daily amount of beer or wine – no more than 2 to 3 glasses – were 77% less likely to die from either disease than those who abstained from drinking all together and those who drank in excess.

It is believed that the results of this study point to a connection between moderate alcohol consumption and the slowing of the cognitive decline these diseases bring about. More studies need to be conducted in this area to truly confirm the findings, but these results are encouraging indeed.