Craft breweries are not just concerned with making quality beer, they’re often dedicated to the welfare of their employees, customers and neighbors. It’s logical because craft beer brings people together and fosters a sense of community. So when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, last week it’s no surprise that 8th Wonder Brewery dropped everything and stepped up to do what they could to help rescue their neighbors. Eater reports that the brewery employees used a large army truck they own to rescue the elderly, as well as pets, who were stranded by the resulting floods of Hurricane Harvey.

“We have a huge army truck,” Matt Marcus, the owner of 8th Wonder, told Eater. “My employees and I were ferrying from points that boats were using to drop people off at dry land.”

The brewery itself is closed due to the flooding, but the equipment and employees are still available to help those in need.

The name of the brewery derives from the opening of the Houston Astrodome in 1965. The stadium was dubbed the 8th wonder of the world, and hence the brewery got its name. The brewery itself is a dome-like warehouse, paying homage to the Houston Astrodome. 8th Wonder Brewery opened in 2013, and has been a major player in the Houston craft beer scene.

8th Wonder Brewery features an array of different styles of beer, like their Dome Faux’m Cream Ale, Rocket Fuel Vietnamese Coffee Porter, Hopston TX IPA, Alternate Universe Altbier, and Intellectuale Witty Blonde. And like any good craft brewery, they offer seasonal brew such as Brewston Texas Pale Ale and Weisstheimer Hefeweizen. Craft breweries are also an excellent place for experimentation, and 8th Wonder gets creative with limited releases such as BO$$ Beer, a pineapple wheat collaboration with Houston rapper Slim Thug.

When 8th Wonder isn’t performing hurricane rescue operations, they continue to brew craft beer for a thirsty, fast growing city. 8th Wonder’s benevolence is a prime example of how craft brewing is about more than just beer. It’s about community.

h/t: Eater