Parents try their best to send their kids off to school with a healthy, balanced lunch. But kids can be a lot to juggle, and sometimes mistakes happen. Mistakes like letting a 5 year old go to school with a Smirnoff raspberry vodka popsicle in her lunchbox.

That’s what happened to a woman in Queensland, Australia, according to the Independent. The woman was letting her daughter pack her own lunch. That meant grabbing a frozen juice pack from the freezer. Only, frozen juice packs weren’t the only things in the freezer.

“EPIC lunchbox fail when you tell your five year old Preppie to put a frozen juice pouch in her lunchbox and you forget the other pouches in your freezer!” The mom wrote on Facebook. She tacked on a couple laughing/crying emojis and recalled the aftermath: “Made for a veeeery interesting phone call from the teacher!”

Honest mistakes happen. Luckily the teachers were familiar enough with the vodka pouches to stop the 5 year old from downing the drink like a Capri Sun.

“They were very good about it lol,” the mom said according to the Independent. “I made light of it (it was obviously innocent on my daughter’s behalf).”

Good for her for keeping a sense of humor about everything. In the end, no harm was done.

“I apologized for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed thankfully.”