In the 1970s, Jim Anderson, an avid diver, discovered a 150-year-old bottle of Tennent’s beer off the coast of Australia, near Melbourne. Nearly 50 years later, he has returned the beer to its rightful home: Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow, Scotland.

The beer, which is a stout, is believed to be the oldest bottle of beer in Scotland.

“I could see the inscription Wellpark Brewery on it, and I set about finding where that was,” Anderson, who is now 72 years old, said. “I found out it was in Glasgow, and I contacted Tennent’s to see if they were interested in the bottle, which they were, and I was delighted. Now people can look at it, and think about the connection between Australia and Scotland, too. It’s very special.”

The beer was on board the Light of the Age, a ship carrying 42 people from Liverpool to Australia in 1868, the BBC reports. Shipments of the beer were common at that time. Unfortunately and somewhat ironically, this particular clipper sank on Jan. 16, 1868 due the captain’s drunkenness.

The beer will be on display at Wellpark’s new visitor center starting November 22. Tennent’s has also developed a commemorative brew to celebrate the occasion.