Essential Info

  • Color: Pale yellow to deep gold
  • ABV: 4%-5.5%
  • Commercial Examples: Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale, Victory Brewing Co. Summer Love, Southern Star Bombshell Blonde

Created by the craft beer movement, American Blonde Ale is a gateway beer. Imagine a bunch of really nice brewers trying to lure mass-produced, lager-loving Americans into the more complex and flavorful world of craft beer and you have American Blonde Ale. Because it’s a starter beer, nothing is too pronounced. It’s even more casually approachable than most restrained Pale Ales. Malt and hops are both low to moderate, with a very delicate biscuity, malty sweetness cut into by a clean, lager-like crispness with gentle, palate-cleansing hops and some possible friendly and familiar citrusy flavors (“Hey! I recognize you from lemonade!”). Carbonation is high and, as with a session beer, alcohol is moderate to low; this is a refreshment beer with a lot more to it, a great starter beer for a hot day.