The Only Wine You Need For Your Game Day Party

The Only Wine You Need For Your Game Day Party

More people than ever are choosing wine over beer when it comes to game day. Shocking as it may sound, it makes a lot of sense. Wine is incredibly food friendly, lower in calories, and generally more of a crowd-pleaser than its sudsy counterpart. But unlike deciding which team to root for, choosing a bottle of wine sometimes presents a huge dilemma when you’re hosting a crowd. Allow us to simplify things by recommending a bottle of Verdejo from Rueda, a region in Spain.

Wines from this region are a natural fit with a range of food choices, yet also delicious on their own. With people starting to get more creative with their appetizers, you’ll want a wine that pairs with plenty of options. Rueda Verdejo wines have a crisp acidity that’s a natural fit for salty foods (like chips) and cheesy nachos, while their refreshing fruit-forward flavors make them a great option alongside BBQ chicken wings. Even better, these wines are light and easy-drinking, so they can hold their own even without food, making them the perfect aperitif.

If you are indulging in heavy snacks during the game, you will want a drink that doesn’t weigh you down even more. In addition to its beautiful flavors, Verdejo from Rueda won’t make you feel bloated like beer does.

The average glass of white wine will run you about 120 calories, while a can of your average beer will run you upwards of 150 – or even more, depending on the style. Stick with Rueda Verdejo to enjoy the big game without sabotaging your weight loss goals. Your waistline will thank you!

With a wine like Rueda Verdejo, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a crowd-pleaser. When selecting beer for a party, there’s all the brand loyalty and preferences among your friends and family. By grabbing a bottle of Rueda, you’ll know that you’re serving your friends a crisp, refreshing wine that your entire party will enjoy.

Food-friendly, lower in calories, and a downright crowd-pleaser? Sounds good to us.