Today is Cinco de Mayo, and in celebration, we’re discussing the current state of the tequila industry. Inspired by a recent VinePair article by Susannah Skiver Barton, Adam and Zach discuss the segments of tequila they see forming: celebrity tequila (i.e., Casamigos, 818, and Teremana) and tequilas for aficionados and the trade (i.e., Fortaleza and Don Furlano). The two discuss the differences in heritage-based tequilas — those produced or endorsed by those who have a connection to Mexican heritage — and labels that necessitate a celebrity endorsement. Plus, they’ll discuss what types of consumers are purchasing within each category as it’s unlikely that the latter will purchase products from the former, despite the fact that many non-trade and non-aficionado consumers do.

Beyond debating the two sides of the battle, Adam and Zach also discuss what it is about tequila as a whole that brings people in. Is it the “health” halo surrounding the spirit? Are people drinking it because they want a connection to Mexico? Do the majority of tequila consumers even care about where and how their tequila was made?

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” listen along as Adam and Zach take a look at the changing landscape of the tequila industry, as celebrity-driven brands continue to surge while collectors, aficionados, and members of the trade look to more traditional expressions. With only so much agave to go around, what does the future of tequila look like?

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