We’re fortunate enough at VinePair to taste amazing drinks year round, from wines that conjure up nostalgia, to acid-adjusted cocktails, and Martinis that flirt with perfection. So when the staff was asked to pick just one favorite, we had to think beyond what was in the glass. We considered where we were, who we were with, and why the drinks we had in hand made those moments that much more special.

The stories today range from beachside hangouts in Puerto Rico and Italian honeymoons, to random summer nights in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Of course, you’ll hear from the usual podcast hosts you know and love, but also the many other people who work behind the scenes to make VinePair happen each and every day.

On this very special episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” members of the VinePair team took turns in the booth to share some of their favorite drinks and most memorable drinking experiences of 2023. Happy holidays and tune in for more.

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