This Holiday Season Calls for RumChata

Hot Toddies are warm and toasty, mulled wine is fine, and it’s always fun to add a little something special to your glass of eggnog. However, this holiday season, we urge you to instead have your unusual and shake things up with the beverage that we’re officially declaring the drink of the 2022 holiday season: RumChata.

The name of the liqueur is a portmanteau — the first half is pretty obvious — and the second half (“Chata” from horchata) gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect on the taste front. Featuring international ingredients and a global fusion of flavors, RumChata blends premium Caribbean rum, Mexican spice, and Wisconsin dairy to create a creamy, dreamy vacation in a bottle that’s available in three varieties: RumChata, RumChata Peppermint Bark, and RumChata Limón.

Beyond the excitingly complementary combination (it turns out rum, cinnamon, and dairy have excellent chemistry), what truly makes RumChata stand out as a new bar cart staple is its remarkable versatility. Each of the three flavors can be consumed as shots, on the rocks, or mixed with other ingredients — think coffee liqueur, cinnamon whiskey, and peppermint schnapps — to craft creative cocktails that are often quick and easy, but also interesting and impressive, and demonstrate your ability as a bartender to think outside the bottle.

While you’re encouraged to be innovative (and cordially invited to share your creations online using the hashtag #rumchatarecipes), if you would rather opt for proven successes than try to invent new ways to imbibe, there are dozens of recipes on RumChata’s website that are ready to be whipped up and appeal to all skill levels, whether you’re an amateur, mix-master, or somewhere in between.

From a Chata Hot Chocolate to Spiced Mexican Coffee, Chilly-Chata to a Cinnamon Toast Shot, the possibilities with this liqueur are effectively endless, but for now, we’ll take the opportunity to spotlight just a few fun and festive ways to experience each of the three varieties. Read on for recommendations and recipes to serve as your official guide to the good stuff — and a long-overdue call to spice up your life.

Sip It

Featuring: RumChata Peppermint Bark

While any type of RumChata can be enjoyed over ice, Peppermint Bark is the real “rocks” star.

As the name indicates, the flavors of this RumChata mimic those of everyone’s favorite holiday candy. Much like the original confection, the liqueur makes for a winning host gift, a pretty epic stocking stuffer, or just a tasty way to treat yourself.

Whether you’re relaxing with a few close friends or toasting at an all-out holiday bash, pour a cold and creamy glassful of rich RumChata Peppermint Bark. Unique, unexpected, and undeniably delicious, this spiked chocolate-peppermint potion is perfect for sipping on this season.

Peppermint Bark On the Rocks


  • 4 ounces RumChata Peppermint Bark


  1. Pack a rocks glass with ice.
  2. Fill with RumChata Peppermint Bark
  3. Share with (or fend off) friends.

Mix It

Featuring: RumChata

RumChata is here to elevate your après-ski experience, providing a mug of cinnamon spice flavor that perfectly complements an evening unwinding fireside.

If you’re escaping to the mountains for an alpine getaway this winter, stick a few bottles of RumChata in your suitcase between your sweaters and snow boots, and treat yourself to a little extra luxury by adding a shot to a hot cup of coffee. As a silky mixer with a spicy kick, the liqueur adds an extra jolt to your java, making for a simple yet special drink.

Not traveling? No problem! A holiday isn’t a destination, it’s a state of mind, and one that’s easily channeled via the silver screen. Call up some friends, queue up some classic flicks, and serve up some hot drinks with a shot of RumChata stirred in. Then kick back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company while livin’ la vida lazy from the comfort of your couch.

Spiced Mexican Coffee


  • 1 ounce RumChata
  • 1 ounce tequila
  • Freshly brewed coffee


  1. Add ingredients into a coffee mug/jar and stir together.
  2. Garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  3. Sip, savor, repeat.

Shoot It

Featuring: RumChata Limón

And finally, we saved the zest for last.

When it comes to lemon, summertime doesn’t get to have all the fun. This season, winterize this citrus goodness with the help of RumChata Limón.

In RumChata Limón, cinnamon is traded for citrus to create a drink that’s velvety with just a touch of tartness. The combination of Caribbean rum, Wisconsin dairy, vanilla, and bright lemon is reminiscent of a steaming cup of herbal tea: spiced, tangy, and comforting. For a very happy hour, break out a bottle and pour up a few shots of this refreshingly unique beverage that’s sure to please the crowd and tickle the taste buds.

Limón Coco-Chata


  • 1 ounce RumChata Limón
  • 1 ounce coconut rum


  1. Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice.
  2. Strain into a shot glass.
  3. Let the good times roll.

Sip it. Mix it. Shoot it. Now that we’ve explained what RumChata is and offered a few suggestions for how to drink it, you’re all set for a less traditional, and far spicier, holiday season. (At least on the beverage front.)

Grab a bottle of each of the three varieties, then get creative, have fun, and enjoy the true thrill of doing — and drinking — things differently.

This article is sponsored by RumChata.