6 Gifts for Your Beer Lovin’ Valentine

Beer Lover

From the frugal to those who have no problem splurging, we all deserve a little something special for Valentine’s Day. I’ve put together a list of gifts for the beer lover (or neophyte!) in your life. With a range of objects and prices, there’s something here for everyone. Hoppy, er, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Book It

Beer Lover

Beer FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About The World’s Most Celebrated Adult Beverage

The “Beer FAQ is the perfect page-flipping 101 course to answer any questions an intrigued ale and lager enthusiast would ask. Loaded with numerous anecdotes and fun facts, readers will be enlightened on the history of ales and lagers dating back to recipes chiseled in hieroglyphics thousands of years ago. But you’ll also learn about new trends. Author Jeff Cioletti even throws in some of the most memorable ad campaigns, the best bars to imbibe cold ones nationwide, and breakdowns of the proper glassware. This is a literary gem for any true brew devotee.

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Cost: $14.99 on Amazon

Bag It

Beer Lover

Be it a bottle share with friends, a family reunion, or anything else suggesting the spirit of a BYOB gathering, BUILT NY’s fashionable yet practical bottle totes will certainly turn heads upon arrival. Made of wetsuit material for durability and temperature maintenance up to four hours, there are various styles to accommodate 750ml bottles, six-packs, and even growlers. With a plethora of patterns to choose from (I really dig the Tweed Camo print), any beer lover would be more than happy to bring something out of their cherished beer stash just to show this casing off.

Cost: $24.00 at builtny.com

Sip It

Beer Lover

Sure, you can buy a beer, put it in a gift bag, and toss in a card, but only beer authority Stone Brewing Co. makes a bottle specifically for Valentine’s Day — Stone Enjoy By 02.14.17 Chocolate & Coffee IPA. You see, Stone ingeniously launched the “Enjoy By” double IPA series renowned for its self-imposed purchase deadline on each label to guarantee that it’s consumed fresh. Now there’s a decadent, V-Day version, infused with coffee and Cupid’s choice confection — chocolate — at a potent 9.4 percent alcohol. True to the theme, this one’s called “Enjoy By 2.14.17.” I would grab either the 22-ounce bomber, six-pack, or both way before then. They go fast!

Cost: $15-$20 for a six-pack. Check availability at stonebrewing.com

Pour It


Spiegelau Beer Tasting Set

The beer game has rightfully exploded due to the inventiveness of brewmasters using seemingly countless methods to please even the most discerning eyes, noses, and palates. However, without the proper glassware for each style, the sipping experience is compromised no matter how good the beer is. To remedy that, the revered, German-based glassmaker Spiegelau has designed a three-piece Beer Tasting Set in consultation with world-renowned authorities on ales and lagers. The result? IPAs, stouts and wheat beers can now be appreciated to their full potential, including aroma enhancement, carbonation longevity, and properly unveiling a beer’s overall sexiness. Bye-bye mason jars and plastic cups.

Cost: $29.99 at spiegelau.com

Bring It

Beer Lover

If your Valentine is a beer lover but loves to get his or her mixology on, owning this handcrafted, genuine leather case loaded with the high-quality bar utensils will immediately step their game way up, whether at home or on the road. Once you release the silver clasp, theme music should be played while the owner unfastens the shot glasses, wine opener, thermos, mixing spoon and tongs from their customized holders. Evidently, FRYE knows how to make more than kick-ass boots.

Cost: $599 at thefryecompany.com

Chill It

Beer Lover

This one’s for your very special someone. Never have six racks holding 64 bottles looked so cool, whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, man cave or, hey, even a bedroom to spice things up. Admittedly, the world-renowned Sub-Zero refrigerator masters initially had wine in mind with this miniature chiller, but 750ml bottles of your favorite stouts, IPAs, and sours fit just as fine. Dual temperatures and optimal humidity control will keep ales and lagers at the ideal storage climate for blissful sipping. LED lights make selections easy to see, and the tinted, UV-resistant glass door fends off beer’s worst enemy: light. This is the ultimate TLC for any beer lover’s collection.

Cost: $3,855 at subzero-wolf.com