What to watch this week

If you didn’t spend all of your money on faux Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday madness, you’re probably going to finish off what’s left of your bank account buying presents that people may or may not truly appreciate. The only way to prolong the inevitable checking account emptying is to procrastinate, and the best way to procrastinate is to sit inside and stream new movies and TV shows on everyone’s favorite streaming services.

Here are the best new movies and shows coming out this week, as well as the drinks to enjoy while watching.


1. “The Cuba Libre Story”

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The death of Fidel Castro was a long time coming. So long that Castro’s New York Times obituary took 16 journalists and the most manpower of any story in the paper’s long and storied history. It’s about time you learned why the man and the small island country are such a big deal. Drink pairing: Cuba Libre, obviously.

2. “Fuller House” Season 2

“Full House” launched the career of a certain pair of twins and opened people’s minds to all of the people that a family can encompass. Oh yeah, it also made the price of a house skyrocket. “Fuller House” hasn’t been as definitive, but let the nostalgia wash over. Drink pairing: Wine coolers, in celebration of 1988, the year the original first aired.

3. “Blue Jay”

High school sweetheart stories are hit and miss. You don’t want to miss this one, though. Drink pairing: PBR, to celebrate small-town America and high school memories.


1. “Hairspray Live!”

You might think that watching a live action play on TV is pointless. It’s not when it’s done right, and “Hairspray Live!” is done right if watched while consuming Baltimore’s Orange Crush, a mix of orange juice, orange vodka, triple sec, and Sprite.

2. “Daddy’s Home”

We can’t all be the cool dad, especially when competing with Marky Mark. “Daddy’s Home” follows nice guy Will Ferrell as he attempts to play stepdad to motorcycle-riding Mark Wahlberg’s kids. Drink pairing: Natural Light tall boys.

3. “On the Road”

Give “On the Road” a chance. It’s based off of a Jack Kerouac novel, and yes, you might argue that it’s not as good as the book, but that didn’t stop everyone from loving “Harry Potter,” and having Kristen Stewart in a movie didn’t stop people from watching “Twilight.” Drink pairing: Margaritas, just like Kerouac (just don’t drink quite so many).


1. “Westworld”

The season finale of everyone’s favorite show of the year is coming. Catch up if you haven’t already done so, then prepare yourself for think pieces and season two predictions galore. Drink pairing: Whiskey neat.