Starbucks baristas are professionals at getting names wrong. It’s a small infraction that few people get angry about, and many people enjoy looking at online. There’s one place, though, that never has to worry about that, because the baristas are forbidden from asking what anyone’s name is. And that’s the Starbucks inside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

The Starby’s location is simply known as “Store Number 1,” and it’s one of America’s busiest, according to USA Today. Calling out names is no small deal. Sure it might not be the right name, but it sure is faster for the workers. And these aren’t your everyday workers.

The Starbucks staffs nine people who are vetted pretty hard — for good reason. USA Today says that one of the men who helped hunt down Osama bin Laden was recruited at the Starbucks.

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We all have to get a cup of joe somewhere, and for many Americans that means hitting the nearby Starbucks. It’s just that the CIA members don’t have to deal with the Starbucks name situation. They probably are missing out on Unicorn Frappuccinos too, though.