You Need to Visit This Spanish Bar in a Cave

In this world we live in, there are bars, bars with a view, and bars with a view that make you to never want to leave. The Cova d’en Xoroi on the Spanish island of Menorca is the latter.

The bar is carved into the southern-facing side of the cliff face. Terraces line the mountain up to the bar. The walk takes you above the lucent waters of the Mediterranean, ending with a wide-open space, seats, and, most importantly, a bar that’s open from 11:30 a.m. until the vague closing hour of “after sundown.”

During the day and leading up to sunset, calm background music plays for the coast-gazers. When the sun falls, the caves bumps with live music, DJs, and themed party nights.

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It wasn’t always like this, though. According to the legend on the Cova d’en Xoroi website, the cave and bar is named after Xoroi, “a man of unknown past who came by sea” and was likely the “only survivor of some shipwreck.”

Before Xoroi, there was a village around the caves. The village was frequently raided by pirates. During one of the raids, a woman who was about to be married was taken. Months and years passed without word of her, until one winter when a rare snow came over the island. Townspeople found footprints in the snow, gathered their weapons, and followed the tracks.

What they found was a man, his wife, and three children. The man was cornered. The only way out was to jump into the sea. So that’s what he did, followed by his oldest son. The women and daughters were taken back to the village, and their history was lost at some point.

Perhaps the woman was taken against her will. Perhaps she didn’t want to marry the man she was told to marry, and she escaped with her true love. Perhaps the legend is just legend, not based on fact at all.

The bar there today, however, is definitely real, and you need to visit as soon as possible.