Stop us if you’ve heard this before: According to wine industry insiders, sherry is about to have a moment. Sure, certain sommeliers, wine writers, and mixologists have been making that claim for years to no avail, but this time is gonna be different…right?

On this week’s episode of the VinePair podcast, Adam and Zach discuss why it is that people keep making such bold claims about such a niche beverage, how navel gazing and ego play a big role in it, and how history and tradition are great, but don’t inherently make a drink good or appealing to most people.

Plus, the guys share a few thoughts on the silliness of Valentine’s Day, do their best to offer some suggestions for those of you crazy enough to dine out on such a busy night, and bemoan the fact that even high-end and highly regarded restaurants rarely update their online wine and food menus.

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