“Tapping Into Culture” is a bi-weekly video series on Beer and Culture, presented by Sixpoint and VinePair. Check out more episodes in the series here.

In Episode 3, “Tapping Into Culture” host and VinePair senior editor Cat Wolinski and Sixpoint’s Max Finnance sit down with two very special guests, Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brewing in San Antonio, Texas, and Ann Reilly of the NYC Brewers Guild in Brooklyn to discuss the most impactful beer collaboration of the year: Black Is Beautiful.

Black Is Beautiful started as an open-source beer recipe and label design to campaign for racial justice in the brewing industry and community. Launched by Baskerville at Weathered Souls in June 2020, the beer became an international partnership with more than 1,000 breweries participating to date. Ann Reilly, executive director of the NYC Brewers Guild, recaps some of the brewery efforts happening here in NYC, which include Sixpoint’s Black Is Beautiful beer, a barrel-aged imperial stout with vanilla and cocoa nibs that also became Sixpoint’s No. 1 best seller on TapRm.

Breweries and beer drinkers interested in supporting Black Is Beautiful beer can learn more about it here: blackisbeautiful.beer.

To learn more about Sixpoint’s program “Beer is Culture,” visit sixpoint.com/beerisculture.

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