“Tapping Into Culture” is a bi-weekly video series on Beer and Culture, presented by Sixpoint and VinePair. Check out more episodes in the series here.

In Episode 9 of “Tapping Into Culture,” host and VinePair senior editor Cat Wolinski and Southern Tier Distilling market analyst Kaycee Currie sit down with Mike Schnebeck, head brewer at Fort Point Beer Co. to discuss beer cocktails.

Currie begins by detailing her role in crafting beer cocktails at Southern Tier Distilling’s taproom. She says there is an intimidation attached to making them, but in reality, beer cocktails can be made with almost anything. Currie recommends adding tequila to a slightly sour beer style such as gose to create a beer cocktail similar to a Margarita. Currie also recommends starting simple by using as few as two ingredients — plus a little simple syrup for balance.

Schnebeck shares the making of the Sfizio Spritz beer cocktail recipe he created during lockdown that is also featured on VinePair. He demonstrates the process of creating the cocktail using Fort Point’s Sfizio Italian-style Pilsner and discusses the best ways to balance beer cocktails depending on one’s palate — for example, taking advantage of the sweetness of Aperol versus the bitterness of Campari.

In addition, Currie explains her process in creating beer cocktails, with an emphasis on building varied flavor profiles. She believes a hazy IPA works very well in crafting a beer cocktail that includes spicy or fruity profiles. Ingredients such as ginger, lemon, and even maple syrup can help impart a great taste.

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