Those who consider drinking beer a noble act unto itself are not wrong. But community-oriented beer fans will be delighted to learn that a number of brewers are partnering with philanthropic organizations to raise money and awareness for worthy charities. Aiding drug recovery, championing women’s health, and ending food waste are among the causes you can support, one beer at a time.

Ready to drink up for a good cause? Here are six delicious beers with excellent intentions.

Magic Hat and Dropkick Murphys Barroom Hero

Barroom HeroBarroom Hero is a collaboration between Magic Hat Brewing of Burlington, Vt., and Boston-born punk band, the Dropkick Murphys. This beer, described simply as a “pub ale,” visually resembles a cross between an amber ale and a brown ale. It is deceivingly drinkable: Its light body, low ABV (4.2 percent), and just a touch of roastiness to punch things up, all make this the perfect barroom brew. Added bonus: A portion of proceeds for this beer go to the Claddagh Fund, a foundation created by Dropkick Murphys front man, Ken Casey, to aid charities devoted to children, veterans, and alcohol and drug recovery.

10 Barrel Trail Beer

Trail BeerAnother beer we can’t help but love — for its charitable aims as well as its fruity, herbal hop flavors — is Trail Beer by 10 Barrel Brewing. This Northwest Pale Ale is not only refreshing enough to pack for a hike (at a sessionable 5 percent ABV), it also donates 1 percent of sales to environmental nonprofits. 10 Barrel is based in Bend, Ore., but originally introduced this ale at its Denver location (it was created by Denver head brewer, Kay Witkiewicz). So far, the brewery is partnering with Protect Our Winters, which aims to fight climate change in the outdoor sports space. Each release also helps support local artists by featuring a photograph exemplifying the the Pacific Northwest.

Coronado CoastWise Session IPA

CoastwiseCoronado Brewing of San Diego brewed CoastWise in collaboration with Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit that pours its efforts into preserving coastal lifestyles by protecting the world’s oceans and beaches. The session IPA is brewed with a blend of Mosaic and Sorachi Ace hops, combining tropical citrus notes with a dry, bitter finish that goes down easy at a light-bodied, 5 percent ABV. CoastWise launched in 2017 for Earth Day and is available year-round in 16 states.

Toast American Pale Ale

ToastConceptualized by U.K.-based global food waste activist, Tristam Stuart, Toast Ale officially launched in the U.S. last year with Toast American Pale Ale. The simple, straightforward brew is made using surplus bread in the mash, sourced from partner bakeries that would have otherwise had to throw the bread away. A true “message in a can,” Toast Ale serves to educate beer drinkers about the enormous problem of food waste in pint-sized fashion — which happens to taste great, too. All proceeds go to Feedback, an organization founded by Stuart to eliminate food waste around the world.

The Larimer La Résistance Sour Ale

La ResistanceIf you can get your hands on it, La Résistance Sour Ale, brewed by the Larimer, a bi-coastal collective of Philadelphia- and Denver-based gypsy brewers, is a tasty way way to support Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (which includes health centers in Colorado, southern Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming), one hibiscus-pink, 12-ounce can at a time. This gose-style sour beer is brewed with coriander and pink Himalayan salt. Lightly tart, and just 4.6 percent ABV, La Résistance makes championing birth control, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and other women’s health issues feel easy.

Fireman’s Brew Brunette

Everyone loves firefighters, and everyone loves saving lives (we hope). If you love beer, too, then Fireman’s lineup of hair-color brews is for you. Founded by California firefighters, Fireman’s is currently helmed by Robert Nowaczyk, a former firefighter of 28 years, and Roger Baer, CEO, a beverage industry veteran of 40 years. The label offers Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, and IPA varieties, and pledges a percentage of annual profits to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. It also donates beer and time to several organizations supporting the first responder community. Brunette is a German-style doppelbock (or “German doublebock”) that balances chocolate malt flavor with bitter balance. Available in 16 states, the award-winning, 8-percent-ABV easy drinker will extinguish your night if you’re not careful.