San Francisco Airport

Leaving the land of wonder that is San Francisco can be a shame. Thinking about wine country just a short drive away, plus all the art and culture in the city and the delicious seafood around every corner can make you start planning for the next time back in the Golden City. Luckily, there are plenty of chances to get one last taste while waiting for your flight in the San Francisco Airport.

Here are the best places to stop and reminisce over a drink at the San Francisco International Airport.

Terminal 1

Dogpatch Bakehouse & Caffè: Salads and sandwiches with espressos, beer, and wine.

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Go Bistro: Sit in the center bar area for Asian fusion, with a full bar of beer, wine, and spirits.

Perry’s: A sit-down, table service location for when you have a little extra time for a burger or sandwich alongside your drink.


Andalé Mexican Restaurant: Made to order Mexican fare with beer and wine.

Cat Cora: A sit-down restaurant with an array of small plates and a full cocktail bar, plus beer and wine.

Lark Creek Grill: The San Francisco Airport has no shortage of sit-down locations, and Lark Creek is one to try and make it to. There’s seafood, steak, and a full bar.

Vino Volo: Wine bar with tastings, wine by the bottle, and small plates to curb any hunger too much wine can bring on.

Wakaba: Good airport sushi is rare. Good airport sushi, noodles, and bento boxes with beer and sake is even more rare, so don’t miss Wakaba.

Terminal 3

Andalé Mexican Restaurant: Made-to-order Mexican fare with beer and wine.

Buena Vista Café: Irish Coffee is the ultimate pre-flight comfort drink, and this cafe specializes in it (as well as in American cuisine).

Burger King: FAST FOOD DRINKING ALERT. This Burger King has all your normal fare as well as beer and wine.

Dogpatch Bakehouse & Caffè: Salads and sandwiches with espressos, beer, and wine.

Firewood Café: Thin crust, brick oven pizzas, salads, beer, and wine.

Gordon Biersch: Craft microbrew beer alongside classic American food.

Mission Bar & Grill: Full bar at this table service spot that offers burgers, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Sankaku: Sushi, noodles, and bento boxes that are just begging to be eaten with beer and sake.

SF Uncork’d: A modern wine bar, if you couldn’t tell by the trendy name, that also offers craft beer and small plates.

Union Street Gastropub: Nice, healthy list of local wine and craft beer.

Yankee Pier: Get one last taste of the coast with seafood, clam chowder, and a full bar.

International Terminal

24th & Mission Taco House: Made-to-order Mexican food alongside beer and wine.

Amoura Café: Mediterranean food with, naturally, beer and wine.

Deli-Up Café: Relax and spend some time at the cafe with coffee, or, if you’d rather be slowing down before your flight, beer and wine.

Firewood Grill: Paninis and a full bar.

Napa Farms Bar & Cafe: Drink up one last taste of Napa and grab a quick bite to eat at this gourmet deli.