There’s a PATRÓN® Tequila for Everyone on Your List

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With the holidays fast approaching, you may be scrambling to find the right gift for every person on your list. Sure, gift giving can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be — as long as your giftee has an appreciation for spirits or cocktails. This season there’s a PATRÓN tequila ideal for perfecting the gift experiences for the familia in your life.

“PATRÓN tequila is passionately handcrafted by the team of 2,000 people at Hacienda PATRÓN, all of whom maintain a tireless dedication to achieve perfection in every drop. As tequila is the No. 2 spirit in the world, it’s more likely than ever that a gift-deserving person in your orbit would appreciate receiving a fine tequila. And PATRÓN is just that: an ultra premium tequila that’s made the time-honored way in small batches from 100 percent Weber Blue agave and slow-roasted for a full 72 hours before being distilled. And while it’s the liquid inside that truly counts — PATRÓN is one of the only tequila brands that has remained dedicated to a traditional, handcrafted process since the brand’s inception — we’d be remiss not to mention its beautiful bottle, which makes a fine addition to any home bar setup or desk.

Thanks to the brand’s extensive range of expressions, there’s a distinct PATRÓN tequila for everyone, from the agave-curious to the tequila-obsessed and even the whisk(e)y drinker. Read on to learn which PATRÓN expressions might be best paired with those on your holiday gift list.

For the Extrovert: PATRÓN Silver

There’s always someone on your list who colors outside the lines and makes bold statements wherever they go. In this instance, you want to select a spirit with maximum versatility, and that’s where PATRÓN Silver truly shines.

Handcrafted from 100 percent Weber Blue agave, PATRÓN Silver is bottled directly after distillation; it captures the essence of baked agave due to its use of a tahona stone,  a two-ton volcanic rock that crushes the agave and captures its earthy complex flavors, and a roller mill.

In the glass, the notes translate to fresh aromas of fruit and citrus, a smooth and sweet tasting experience on the palate, and a delicate finish of light pepper.

The taste is light enough to be enjoyed by a wide range of drinkers who enjoy everything from vodka to gin, but still exhibits the clean, fresh flavors that Weber Blue agave is prized for. It’s also a lock for use in a wide range of tequila cocktails, from a simple PATRÓN Silver + Soda to a classic PATRÓN Paloma.

For the Tequila Obsessed: PATRÓN Reposado

Alternatively, maybe the person you’re shopping for already has a love affair with tequila. They appreciate those fresh, crisp agave flavors, but want to take things to the next level. That’s where PATRÓN Reposado comes into play.

PATRÓN Reposado is distinguished by a maturation period of at least two months in a variety of oak barrels, which add a touch of oak and a rich vanilla finish. It embodies everything a tequila lover looks for in the spirit, while adding another layer of complexity courtesy of that brief cask aging.

Thanks to its differing flavor profile, PATRÓN Reposado can be used to add new interest to any tequila cocktail in their rotation. Perhaps they’re already an avid Margarita drinker — in that case, the added nuance of PATRÓN Reposado may be just the thing to make them fall in love with that classic cocktail all over again.

For the Bold Drinker: PATRÓN Añejo

Maybe there’s someone on your list who likes the unexpected and gravitates toward the bold flavors of rye, bourbon, or Scotch whisky. In that case, we’ll direct your attention to PATRÓN Añejo. This expression’s distinguishing factor is over 12 months spent inside a variety of casks including French Oak, Hungarian Oak, and used American whiskey barrels.

The result is an amber-colored tequila that’s true to its roots, but enhanced by a rich taste texture, notes of vanilla, raisin, and oak, and a finish imbued with caramel and smoke. In other words, many of those same qualities that a whiskey drinker craves, but in a different form that is unmistakably tequila.

Thanks to those deeper, richer flavors from wood aging, the whisk(e)y lover may enjoy PATRÓN Añejo the way they would another brown spirit, on its own in a rocks glass or with a shake of bitters, a sugar cube, and a slice of orange as a tequila Old Fashioned.

For the Tequila Connoisseur: PATRÓN Extra Añejo

If there’s someone in your life who values age statements and un-ironically retires after dinner with a snifter of brandy, consider gifting them the experience of PATRÓN Extra Añejo. While this aged spirit appreciator might seem like an intimidating person to buy for, PATRÓN Extra Añejo can deliver the goods.

That’s thanks to the at least three full years that the tequila spends maturing in a mix of American, French, and Hungarian oak barrels, which gives it a beautiful dark-gold color. But more importantly, the wood grants it a rewardingly full body and richly sweet fruit flavors that are truly worthy of contemplation.

For the Adventurous Palate: PATRÓN Sherry Cask Aged Añejo Tequila

What do you buy for the spirits equivalent of the “person who has it all?” The answer is deceptively easy: something they don’t.

PATRÓN Sherry Cask Aged Añejo Tequila is the newest expression from PATRÓN, and the first to be introduced in two years. It has been aged in used oloroso sherry casks, which introduces complex new flavors including fig preserves, stone fruit compote, toasted walnuts, and baked pear.

If they’re a long-time enjoyer of PATRÓN, PATRÓN Sherry Cask Aged Añejo Tequila will provide the chance to experience the spirit in a way that they never have before. Or, if they’re the type that chases after new ways to enjoy aged spirits, they’ll be happy to receive the latest twist to PATRÓN’s Añejo Tequila.

No matter who’s on your gift list — friends, co-workers, or familia — there is a PATRÓN expression crafted for them. Make the holiday extra special for them with a simply perfect gift: a simply perfect tequila.

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