PATRÓN® Silver + Soda: Simple, Elegant, and Iconic

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Say the words “tequila cocktail” and the first drinks that come to mind might be the Margarita, Paloma, or Tequila Sunrise. Yet sometimes, you want a cocktail that’s simple in creation and highlights tequila’s incredible makeup without other ingredients impacting the taste.

And that’s where the tequila + soda comes in. The next time you’re hosting a BBQ, pool party, or general get-together, veer away from the standard seltzers and instead serve your guests a more elevated sip.

When made with the right tequila, this cocktail is a glorious alchemy of just two ingredients, allowing the tequila to shine, unadulterated by juices, liqueurs, or other ingredients. The soda tempers things just a bit, with the dilution and bubbles adding a refreshing-tasting kick that only further accentuates the spirit.

But a tequila + soda with inadequate tequila is a drink gone wrong. The qualities of a bad tequila — harshness, astringency, artificial flavors — have nowhere to hide beneath the soda’s thin cloak. That’s why choosing the right tequila, like PATRÒN® Silver, is essential to crafting the perfect tequila + soda cocktail.

The Key Ingredient in the PATRÓN Silver + Soda

PATRÓN Silver — the unaged expression from which all PATRÓN expressions are made — is, like the tequila soda itself, simple, elegant, and delicious. Handcrafted from the finest 100 percent Weber Blue Agave, PATRÓN Silver was first crafted by late PATRÓN Master Distiller Francisco Alcaraz, projecting PATRÓN as an industry leader with the game-changing, simply perfect tequila.

The notable silver tequila is created in part using the time-honored Tahona method, where the cooked agave is crushed using a large stone wheel to extract the juice. While a more time consuming production method than modern techniques like diffusers, which extract the juice (known as the aguamiel) with blasts of hot water, the resulting tequila is richer, rounder, and more complex. This is a testament to how PATRÓN continues to make tequila the hard way, without cutting corners, even as it continues to grow in scale and popularity.

After extraction, the aguamiel is distilled in small batches, in compact copper pot stills — the same stills that Francisco Alcaraz designed especially for PATRÓN during the brand’s inception in 1989 and have since been carried out by current master distiller, the legendary David Rodriguez. The result is a tequila where the complex and highest-quality agave is the star of the show, from the earthy, vegetal aroma; to the sweet vanilla notes; and long, slightly peppery and savory finish. The unaged and 100 percent naturally perfect tequila, bottled at 40 percent ABV, is a true reflection of the terroir (or the tierra, as they’d put it in Jalisco), high quality, and harvesting techniques PATRÓN enacts with its agave, as well as the skill of the talented PATRÓN Production Team.

How to Make the PATRÓN Silver + Soda

With PATRÓN Silver, there’s no need to disguise the tequila with additional ingredients. That’s why PATRÓN Silver + Soda is, in many ways, the quintessential PATRÓN cocktail. With the soda as a supporting player, the tequila doesn’t have anywhere to hide. And this tequila doesn’t need to. When drinking a PATRÓN Silver + Soda, the various aromas and flavors from the silver tequila have the opportunity to come to the surface and really stand out.

With its delicious and fresh taste, this tequila + soda cocktail is as easy to sip as it is to make. No bar tools, fancy ingredients, or prep work required. Just in case you’re looking for specs, we recommend filling a tall Collins glass with ice. Then add 2 ounces of PATRÓN Silver, top it off with 3 ounces of the soda of your choice — be it seltzer, club soda, fancy mineral water, you name it — and then add a lime wedge. The wedge may just seem like a garnish, but that little bit of citrus complements the flavors of the tequila and helps make a great drink even better. Give all the ingredients a gentle stir, sip, and enjoy this classic cocktail throughout the year during any season or occasion.

Pairing Food with the PATRÓN Silver + Soda

The PATRÓN Silver + Soda is a versatile drink that partners with a wide array of food. Seafood is a perfect pairing, whether it’s fresh sushi, crispy fish & chips, or citrus-marinated salmon.

In fact, the PATRÓN Silver + Soda goes well with most citrus flavors — the agave notes of the tequila and the crisp sparkle of the soda interact beautifully with the bright, tart notes of citrus on poultry or fish. Richer foods, from Kansas City barbecue to spicy Chinese cuisine, are a tasty foil for the combination of fresh, palate-cleansing soda and the clean mineral notes of PATRÓN Silver. And needless to say, it’s the ideal accompaniment to Mexican fare, from ceviché to tacos, rich molés to spicy chiles rellenos. You’ll find there aren’t too many dishes that don’t match well with the PATRÓN Silver + Soda.

The PATRÓN Silver + Soda is the ideal, simple-to-create cocktail to enjoy. Homing in on the 100 percent  naturally perfect PATRÓN Silver found within, the tequila is also a go-to choice for other classic recipes, including the Margarita, Paloma, and more.

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