A Match Made in Jalisco: PATRÓN® & Mexican Formula 1® Driver Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez

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In Mexico, some pairings come naturally. For instance, an ice-cold cerveza and a wedge of lime; fresh guacamole and a crunchy tortilla chip; fatty carnitas and acidic pico de gallo. Now, you can add one more duo to that list. PATRÓN® — the first ever official tequila sponsor of the Formula 1® (F1) Paddock Club — has joined forces with Sergio “Checo” Pérez to celebrate the coming together of two Mexican icons, with shared values of passion, community, and drive to achieve powerful outcomes.

Yes, the three-time Grand Prix winner and first place champion of the Monaco Grand Prix, has teamed up with the legendary tequila maker for a first-of-its-kind collaboration. While it’s true that the two share some obvious commonalities — both share a birthplace of Jalisco, Mexico — their connection runs deeper than just geography.

“No matter where in the world racing takes me, Mexico, namely Jalisco, is my home, and I am always excited to return,” says Perez. “PATRÓN shares my relentless desire to be the best that I can be along with strong pride for our home country. I have much respect for the tremendous lengths the PATRÓN familia goes to achieve simply perfect tequila. I’m raising a glass of my favorite, PATRÓN Silver, in celebration of this exciting union and what’s to come.”

PATRÓN President & Global Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Parker says the collaboration stems from a long history of mutual admiration.

“PATRÓN has been a big fan of Checo’s for quite some time and vice-versa, so a collaboration between the two was only natural,” Parker says. “We have a mutual pride and passion for our Mexican heritage, with shared roots in Jalisco, Mexico, and a joint commitment to tradition, craft, and doing things the right way. Just as Checo undoubtedly supports his country and community, PATRÓN also celebrates and supports its familia for them to thrive and achieve powerful outcomes. We came together over the past year to discuss how we could celebrate our shared values and mission, ultimately leading to our collaboration, centered around ‘Driven by Passion, Proudly Mexican.’”

The collaboration comes at a time when interest in F1 racing is growing exponentially in Mexico and internationally. According to Parker, its global viewership is up a record-shattering 13 percent, and race weekend tickets are now selling out within minutes at most races. Meanwhile, in the United States, the inaugural Miami Grand Prix set a record with an average domestic viewership of 2.6 million people, and a peak of 2.9 million viewers during its Sunday race. The Miami Grand Prix also broke in-person attendance records, pulling in a total of 242,955 fans over the course of its three days and 85,250 spectators on race day itself.

PATRÓN® has joined forces with Sergio “Checo” Pérez to celebrate the coming together of two Mexican icons.

“Statistics like this speak to how vast and dedicated fans are to the sport,” Parker says.

However, the PATRÓN brand’s desire to team up with Checo was driven not just by the popularity of the sport, but the character of the driver himself — and what he means to his home country of Mexico.

“At PATRÓN, we celebrate progressive pioneers and collaborate with partners who drive powerful outcomes in their fields,” Parker says. “As the first Mexican driver to make it to the podium on his home soil at the Mexico Grand Prix, Checo made history and we’d certainly consider that one of the greatest powerful outcomes a driver could achieve. He’s a hometown hero, hailing from our home in Jalisco, Mexico, so this collaboration is also built on a mutual passion of being proudly Mexican. Like PATRÓN, Checo comes from a country of innovators whose talents are rooted in craft and honed with meticulous precision and care. We look forward to championing Checo as he continues to follow his passion and blaze trails in his sport.”

And as Parker explains, further overlap can be found between the art of F1 racing and the deeply held traditions PATRÓN relies upon to craft its celebrated and premium tequila.

“Like the art of PATRÓN Tequila production, racing is a team effort that requires the same commitment to craftsmanship and quality from the team,” she says. “Everyone plays a crucial role in bringing to life the vision, passion, and dedication that leads to simply perfect outcomes. Upwards of 74 hands support Checo before he leaves the pit and begins the race. At least 60 hands help create and passionately handcraft PATRÓN Tequila, from hand-harvesting the highest-quality 100 percent Weber Blue agave, to the traditional, time-honored distillation process that masterfully combines a few natural ingredients, to the individual labeling, numbering, and inspection of each bottle before it leaves the distillery at Hacienda PATRÓN.”

Sergio “Checo” Pérez with PATRÓN Tequila.

To showcase the culmination of this iconic collaboration, PATRÓN and Checo produced a 60-second commercial narrated by Checo himself. In the spot, he shares his motivations for racing over footage capturing the sights of Jalisco — including the PATRÓN Hacienda — shot from the perspective of an F1 cockpit.

This ad represents just the beginning of the collaboration between two of Jalisco’s most notable exports.

“PATRÓN will activate various aspects of our collaboration with Checo during this season’s key races, including the Grand Prix race weekends in Austin and Mexico City,” Parker says. “Recently, we kicked off Miami Grand Prix weekend with an exclusive PATRÓN Yacht Party, featuring live performances from Future, Latto, and DJ Chantel Jeffries. We look forward to celebrating PATRÓN in additional markets this F1 season.”

While the engines rev at the next Grand Prix, stands will again erupt in chants of “Che-co! Che-co! Che-co!” And when they do, PATRÓN will cheer along with them for its fellow Mexican icon.

“To hear and see the pride Mexico takes in Checo is inspiring,” Parker says. “PATRÓN is inspired by Checo and his love for his community, as well as his community’s paralleled love and support for him.”

This article is sponsored by PATRÓN.