20 Places to Drink Al Fresco Before You Die

There is nothing quite like drinking outside. No matter the time of year, whether on the beach or around a fire after a day of skiing, al fresco drinking seems to just make the wine in the glass taste better.

To assist you with this endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of incredible (and Instagrammable!) outdoor drinking destinations across the globe. From parks to piers, bars to beaches, we’ve got 20 killer spots where you can imbibe outside and soak up your daily dose of Vitamin D(rink). We suggest grabbing your closest friends and heading out with a glass — or bottle, we don’t judge — of Beaujolais in your hand. Cheers!

In a cave in Spain

Photo credit: Cova d’en Xoroi

Located in a cave carved into the the seaside cliffs of Menorca, Spain, Cova d’en Xoroi might be one of the world’s most epic drinking destinations. The impressive bar offers drink specials, live music, touring DJs, and a number of other attractions; but what you can consistently bank on are spectacular views of the sparkling Mediterranean, which pair perfectly with a killer glass Brouilly Cru Beaujolais, #nofilter necessary.

At the world’s highest open-air bar

Photo credit: Sky Bar

We’d suggest you try to forget that the Sky Bar was once affiliated with The Hangover Part II; fortunately, that sequel is pretty forgettable anyway. The Bangkok bar’s real claim to fame, and the reason it’s worth a pilgrimage, is that it’s the world’s highest open-air bar. Perched 820 feet up on the 64th floor of Bangkok’s State Tower, the award-winning hot spot offers a solid selection of drinks and cigars. Above all, you’ll want to take in the stunning 360-degree views of the city with some Fleurie Cru Beaujolais.

On a pier in Lake Tahoe

Photo credit: Hyatt

One of the most beautiful places on earth, or at least in California, Lake Tahoe is packed with scenic spots where you can enjoy a glass or two of an earthy, Juliénas Cru Beaujolais. However, there’s one in particular that quite literally sticks out. Pier 111 Bar is parked on the end of the Hyatt Regency’s 275-foot floating pier. Whether you take a midday swim break to gaze out at the mountain views or opt to watch the sun set over the iridescent water come evening, Pier 111 has you covered with the next best thing to walking on water: drinking on it, of course.

On the banks of the Seine

Few people understand and embody joie de vivre like the French, but you don’t have to seek out a fancy cafe to enjoy life to the fullest. The City of Lights offers scenic (and historic!) views around every corner and, as is the case with most life experiences, they’re best enjoyed with a romantic glass of wine. To channel your inner Parisian, simply grab a baguette, don a beret (just kidding, please don’t), and stroll down to the Seine with a bottle of Saint-Amour Cru Beaujolais. Just don’t blame us when you fall in love. That type of thing tends to happen in Paris… especially after a few glasses of wine.

By the beach in Santorini

While you can always BYOB to the beach, after a few too many sandy mouthfuls of homemade sangria, you’re in dire need of a drinking upgrade. Enter Theros Wave Bar, on Santorini’s Eros Beach, which has been voted one of the best beach bars on the Mediterranean. Sip on an elegant Côte de Brouilly Cru Beaujolais while reclining by the water, or head up to the restaurant and soak up the sights and sounds from the deck while you wait for night to fall and the real party to begin.

If this is island fever, we’re totally fine with it.

Lounging by the pool on an LA rooftop

Photo credit: Freehand Hotels

The best way to enjoy Los Angeles is as far away from traffic as possible, and for that, it doesn’t get better than sipping among the clouds — or at least above the smog — on the roof of one of the city’s hippest hotels. Named one of the hottest new cocktail bars, Broken Shaker is located atop the super-chic Freehand, exuding the glamour of a Fleurie Cru Beaujolais. Not to mention, they offer killer bites and booze you can enjoy from the bar or while lounging poolside and working on your tan.

Hear that? It’s the sound of adventure calling.

Outside an opera house

Photo credit: Opera Bar

Whether you’re an alto, a soprano, or can barely carry a tune, Sydney’s Opera Bar is a must-do Down Under. Located on Sydney Harbour just steps away from the Opera House — a finalist for one of the New 7 Wonders of the World — Opera Bar boasts an extensive wine list, good vibes, and stellar pizza, making it, hands down, one of the coolest hangout spots south of the equator for creatives looking to enjoy some Régnié Cru Beaujolais.

Sprawled on a blanket in Central Park

You haven’t truly experienced NYC until you’ve spread out a blanket and covertly popped open a bottle of wine in the middle of this iconic Manhattan oasis. Head out in the evening, secure a few square feet of real estate among the park’s 843 acres, and sit back to enjoy the NYC’s best and most accessible attraction: people watching. Just keep in mind that public drinking isn’t exactly condoned by the NYPD, so try to be discreet. (Fortunately a down-to-earth Chiroubles Cru Beaujolais tastes just as delicious concealed in a paper coffee cup from the local bodega.)

Suspended in the sky

Photo credit: Dinner in the Sky

Al fresco meets adrenaline rush at Dinner in the Sky, an extreme drinking and dining experience for which guests don harnesses to drink and dine at a table that’s actually suspended mid-air. (In this case, video speaks louder than words.)

While it may be a little nerve-wracking, Dinner in the Sky is nonetheless is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that definitely deserves a spot on your imbibing bucket list. (Plus, we hear Moulin-a-Vent Cru Beaujolais tastes even better at higher altitudes.)

Floating in Fiji

Photo credit: Cloud 9

You have to be pretty confident to name your bar Cloud 9, but we can confirm that here it’s totally warranted, because this place is practically paradise. Surrounded by clear turquoise water and accessible only by boat, this romantic destination is perfect, especially when paired with a Saint-Amour Cru Beaujolais. The two-tier floating platform also boasts an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria, plus sundecks, live DJs, jet ski tours, and, best of all, plenty of opportunities to show off your swan dive.

Aboard a schooner in the city

Photo credit: Grand Banks

As soon as the weather gets nice, Manhattanites flock to Grand Banks to enjoy oysters and cocktails while drinking in incredible views of the Hudson River. Located on an old, historic fishing boat, this bar on a barge is a summer favorite for tourists and locals alike, and is an ideal spot to kick off a weekend or wind down at the end of one…

Or, in this case, wine down with a Chiroubles Cru Beaujolais. That’s probably more accurate.

Along the Amalfi Coast

Not familiar with the singular beauty of this Italian region? Do a quick Google Images search and prepare to be sucked down the most aesthetically pleasing Internet hole imaginable. Whether you head down to the elegant water with a bottle of your own Côte de Brouilly, or order a glass of at one of the cafes nestled along the coast, no matter where you booze, you really can’t lose. The term al fresco is Italian, after all. Salute!

Kicking back in Mission Dolores Park

Next time the fog lifts in San Francisco, grab your friends and race the rest of the city’s occupants to the the grassy hills of Mission Dolores Park to inhale unbeatable views of the Golden Gate City. Just keep in mind that, much like Central Park, popping bottles isn’t exactly allowed, so play it cool and, most importantly, leave any glass at home.

We suggest transferring your bold Chénas Cru Beaujolais to a reusable water bottle — all the better to fit in with all those eco-friendly Californians.

On a Sunday stroll through a Berlin flea market

Photo credit: katatonia82 / Shutterstock.com

In few cities do the historic and the hipster overlap like they do in Berlin, and Sundays at Mauerpark are the ultimate example. The name of the park actually translates to “Wall Park” — “referring to its status as a former part of the Berlin Wall and its Death Strip” — and at the end of the weekend, it transforms into a flea market where locals and visitors treasure hunt, gobble down street food, and enjoy a buffet of live performances, including karaoke. In short, it’s a feast for the eyes, mouth, and ears. And, like all creative endeavors, it’s best enjoyed with a Régnié Cru Beaujolais.

At a semi-hidden spot in Dubrovnik

Photo credit: Tuomas Lehtinen / Shutterstock.com

You might throw around the term “hole in the wall” when referring to your neighborhood dive bar, but that expression is manifested quite literally at Buža Bar, a watering hole bar tucked into the wall of a cliff in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In fact, Buža actually translates to “hole in the wall,” and at this one, you’ll find cold drinks and unbeatable views of the Adriatic — plus cliff diving, if that suits your fancy. (Liquid courage likely required.)

While enjoying the tunes of UTOPiAfest in the Oaks

Photo credit: UTOPiAfest

Live music and drinking are a natural match, but we’re not talking warm $8 Bud Lights at Lollapalooza. Now in its 10th year, UTOPiAfest — an annual Central Texas affair that’s a favorite among the region’s true music lovers — is the antithesis of today’s typical festival. Think smaller crowds, less commercial BS and a laid back, family-friendly vibe with acts big and small performing against a scenic, tree-dotted backdrop. (Plus yoga, hikes, silent discos and more!) Perhaps best of all, though, is the festival’s BYOB policy, meaning you can trade that overpriced Bud for a vibrant Brouilly Cru Beaujolais and enjoy a wine-filled weekend set to what’s guaranteed to be a pretty phenomenal soundtrack.

Taking in wildlife and waterfalls

Photo credit: The Royal Livingstone

At The Royal Livingstone, indigenous wildlife roam free and, best of all, you can observe them while relaxing with a drink and listening to the famous Victoria Falls — one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Situated along the banks of the Zambezi River, this luxurious hotel has multiple bars and restaurants on site for dining and drinking, but we suggest you go for the full experience and book a room. Once you’ve enjoyed cocktails and earthy Juliénas Cru Beaujolais in the company of zebras, we imagine it will be pretty hard to tear yourself away.

On the water down in Georgia

Photo credit: The Wyld Dock Bar

If you’re in the market for some Southern hospitality, head down to Savannah for dinner and a bottle of full-bodied Chénas Cru Beaujolais (or two) at The Wyld Dock Bar. Situated along Country Club Creek, the bar not only has your food and drink needs covered, but also offers bocce, sweet fire pit action, live music, and plenty of space for kids to run around. So if your summer afternoon at The Wyld stretches into a summer evening, no worries… that tends to happen here.

In a backyard in Budapest

Photo credit: Szimpla Kert

Food, cocktails, coffee, a garden, markets, live music, bike tours, festivals, wine and food courses — it’s no surprise that popular community space Szimpla Kert is known as Budapest’s iconic party place. While we definitely recommend you check out this bucket-list bar for all of the above items and activities, for now we’re going to keep it simple — or szimpla, rather — and focus on one key to-do: Enjoying a bottle of Saint-Amour Cru Beaujolais in the backyard.

Staying at a (maybe) haunted hotel in the mountains

Photo credit: The Stanley Hotel

Located in Estes Park, Colorado, the Stanley Hotel is where Stephen King’s The Shining was filmed. It has you covered in the spirits department in more ways than one. Gather your film buff friends and stroll the grounds to soak up some major cinematic history before heading to the Cascades Restaurant & Lounge to enjoy incredible mountain views outdoors as you eat, drink some Morgon Cru Beaujolais and be… scary.

Just one word of advice: don’t order red rum.

This article is sponsored by Beaujolais, the perfect wine for all convivial, outdoor adventures.