Countless new beer releases flood the United States each year, from craft IPAs to macro lagers. But small-batch to mass-produced brews alike owe a debt of gratitude to the establishments that paved the way long ago — or, in some cases, less than two decades ago.

With nearly 9,000 breweries operating in the U.S. today, we ventured to independently verify each state’s longest-operating brewery. Exploring this data reveals Prohibition’s wide-ranging and inconsistent impact on American beer.

Pennsylvania’s Yuengling, established in 1829, takes the crown for the oldest brewery in the U.S., while North Dakota’s Fargo Brewing Co., founded in 2010, is the youngest state representative on the list. A craft beer renaissance in the 1990s is evident, with 21 of the states’ oldest breweries originating in the decade.

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While regional differences abound, a common love unites the states in this historical map. An excellent resource for trivia aficionados, this is the ultimate cross-country road-trip guide for history-loving beer drinkers.

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The Longest Operating Brewery in Every State, Mapped

The Longest-Operating Brewery in Every State and Washington, D.C.

State Brewery Established
Alabama Good People Brewing 2008
Alaska1 Alaskan Brewing Co. 1986
Arizona Barrio Brewing 1991
Arkansas2 Vino’s Brewpub 1993
California Anchor Brewing 1896
Colorado Coors 1873
Connecticut Willimantic Brewing 1997
Delaware Dogfish Head Craft Brewery 1995
District of Columbia (D.C.) District ChopHouse & Brewery 1997
Florida Dunedin Brewery 1996
Georgia Atlanta Brewing Co. 1993
Hawaii Kona Brewing Co. 1994
Idaho Grand Teton Brewing 1998
Illinois3 Goose Island Beer Co. 1988
Indiana4 Broad Ripple Brewpub 1990
Iowa Millstream Brewing Co. 1985
Kansas Free State Brewery 1989
Kentucky Bluegrass Brewing 1993
Louisiana5 Abita Brewing Co. 1986
Maine Geary Brewing Co. 1983
Maryland Oliver Brewing Co. 1993
Massachusetts6 Harpoon Brewery 1986
Michigan Frankenmuth Brewery 1862
Minnesota Schell’s Brewery 1860
Mississippi Lazy Magnolia 2003
Missouri Anheuser-Busch 1852
Montana Bayern Brewing 1987
Nebraska Empyrean Brewing Co. 1990
Nevada Great Basin Brewing Co. 1993
New Hampshire Portsmouth Brewery 1991
New Jersey Anheuser-Busch 1951
New Mexico Santa Fe Brewing 1988
New York Genesee Brewing Co. 1878
North Carolina Weeping Radish 1986
North Dakota Fargo Brewing Co. 2010
Ohio Portsmouth Brewing Co. 1842
Oklahoma Choc Beer 1919
Oregon Widmer Brothers Brewing 1984
Pennsylvania Yuengling 1829
Rhode Island Union Station Brewing 1993
South Carolina Palmetto Brewing Co. 1993
South Dakota Firehouse Brewing 1991
Tennessee Blackstone Brewing Co. 1984
Texas7 Spoetzl Brewery 1909
Utah Wasatch Brewery 1986
Vermont Vermont Pub & Brewery 1988
Virginia Legend Brewing Co. 1993
Washington Redhook Brewery 1981
West Virginia8 North End Tavern & Brewery 1997
Wisconsin Minhas Brewery 1845
Wyoming Snake River Brewing 1994


1. Skagway Brewing, established in 1897, is older than Alaskan Brewing Co., but Alaskan Brewing Co. is the longest continually operating brewery in the state.
2. Vino’s restaurant opened in 1990; the brewery was established three years later, in 1993.
3. Goose Island Beer Co.’s Fulton Street brewery dates to 1988, five years older than Mickey Finn’s, which claims to be the oldest brewpub in Illinois. Goose Island is now owned by Anheuser-Busch.
4. The oldest standing brewery in Indiana, Terre Haute Brewery was established in 1837. It changed owners several times, most recently closing in 2006 and reopening 2016, qualifying Broad Ripple Brewpub as the longest continually operating brewery in the state.
5. Dixie Brewery claims to be the oldest brewery in Louisiana; but was contract brewing out-of-state after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area, making Abita the longest continually operating in the state.
6. Harpoon Brewery, part of Mass Bay Brewing Co., is the oldest established brewery in Massachusetts. It holds permit #001 for a brewery here, as the Boston Beer Co., also established in 1988, was contract brewing Samuel Adams beer in Pittsburgh.
7. The Spoetzl Brewery, maker of Shiner Beer owned by Gambrinus, has been in operation in Shiner, Texas since 1909. It is technically the longest-operating brewery in the state because Lone Star Brewery, though established earlier, in 1884, was shut down and changed owners on multiple occasions.
8. North End Tavern was established 1899, and its brewery was established 1997. Both hold the title for oldest in the state.

Ed. note: This article has been updated to reflect minor discrepancies.

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