Host a Post-Workout-Friendly Happy Hour Featuring Mind & Body Wines

This article is sponsored by Mind & Body Wines.

It’s been a long year, but here’s the good news: Your next workout doesn’t have to end with filtered water and a protein bar. These days, we’re making the most of our good times, and haven’t you earned something tastier than electrolytes with all that sweat and discipline? This is an age of intentionality, and that’s why your next workout shouldn’t just end with a shower, but a full-on Post-Workout happy hour, complete with games, bright conversation, and a selection of low-carb*, 90 calorie*, low ABV* Mind & Body Wines.

Yes, working out and wine. It’s a thing. Thank goodness.

Before you think happy hour? Isn’t that the miserable thing where you crowd a dark bar with coworkers and try not to talk about work as you pound as many half-price, hyper-sweet Mango Margaritas as you can before the price goes back to normal? Sure, there was a time when that was true, when happy hour was stressed marathon-drinking in close, kitschy quarters. If you were lucky, there were chips involved, a communal bowl of something crunchy and high-carb.

Fortunately, those days are long gone. We’re drinking more thoughtfully and taking better care of our bodies. And a post-workout, fitness-conscious happy hour with Mind & Body Wines is just the kind of thing this era is all about: discipline meets deliciousness. In fact, that’s kind of the vibe of Mind & Body itself, and it’s right there in the name: Mind & Body Wines are about maintaining a balance that comes with a great glass of wine and honoring the work you put into your health and body on a daily basis.

A California-based brand, they put out a slim, perfected roster of three classic wines: Pinot Grigio, Rosé, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines are all made with non-GMO*, California-grown grapes and produced in the traditional style. And the result is classic flavor profiles (think citrusy acid, strawberry florals, and rich, herb-laced berry). But instead of stopping there, Mind & Body goes on to use a tested, gentle technology to remove a portion of the alcohol. Called the “spinning cone” method, to make micro-adjustments to their ABVs, and it’s pretty simple: A portion of the wine is put through the spinning cone process, which gently removes alcohol. That wine is returned to the larger batch, resulting in a calculated drop in ABV. Using the spinning cone method, Mind & Body Wines clock in at 8.5 or 9 percent ABV*. And a lower ABV also means less sugar (~1gram)*, carbs are lower (~5grams)*, and calories stop at 90 per 5-ounce pour*.

In case you’re worried that means less punch flavor-wise, never fear: All three Mind & Body Wines have won high scores from Tasting Panel Magazine, and in 2021 none other than Wine Spectator magazine awarded the Pinot Grigio 87 points and the Rosé 86. But that’s really no shock: Mind & Body Wines are crafted to taste classically beautiful. Their Pinot Grigio is juicy with peach and pear and zesty citrus, the Rosé is light bodied and supple with pink and red berries and lacy acidity, and the Cabernet Sauvignon has firm tannins (about as firm as the quads and abs we’re all aspiring to) with lush purple berry flavors kissed with herbs and a hint of vanilla.

Really, you don’t have to think about much when you pour a glass of Mind & Body. Instead, you can think about how to entertain your guests at happy hour. Here are just a few ideas to get you motivated:

Wine Tasting

You’re hosting a post-workout happy hour, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t proudly acknowledge the wine. Not to mention, it’s the perfect way to explain Mind & Body to your guests — a low-carb, 90-calorie*, gluten-free*, vegan, and both Keto-friendly wine. Then have your guests taste the wines one at a time before having everyone describe the wine in their best imitation of a fancy wine critic.


We’re of the firm opinion that there should be way more opportunities to play Charades. For one thing, it’s a no-tech game ( don’t we need time away from screens?). Unlike board games or card games, which both involve inevitable couch-slouching, Charades forces us to get up and stay active both mentally and physically, making it perfect for your Mind & Body post-workout happy hour. Guests can keep their heart rates up, not to mention the ideas should flow about as freely as the Mind & Body Wine.

Workout Horror Stories

OK, this one sounds a bit grim, but think of it more like a ritual group cleansing. After everyone’s poured a glass of their favorite Mind & Body, go around swapping stories of the most embarrassing and/or awful workout experiences. For instance, that time you fell off your Peleton after shouting, “This is my best time ever!,” or that Barre class you joined by mistake, staying because you thought it would be easy, and the tone of the high-bunned instructor asking, “Are you sure you don’t want to sit this one out?” every time your limbs shook uncontrollably. For more physicality, your guests can act their stories out! You’ll get more movement, and more laughs.


Call it “The Not-Masked Singer” if you want, but basically this is karaoke minus the gross microphone and scary lighting. Pick your favorite songs — think power ballad, post-workout mellow folk, upbeat pop perfection — and either draw from a hat or pick a song for yourself. Then it’s all about putting on a convincing, heartfelt performance, eye contact encouraged. Mind & Body Wines has their own curated workout and lifestyle playlists — choose one from the list while sipping Mind & Body, get high points for synergy.

Skin Care Swap

This is spot on for the fitness-conscious happy hour vibe. We’re always looking for new products to reinvigorate our skincare regime. Why not get all your beauty besties together with either samples of their favorites (hence the “plan-ahead”) or just a good list of “Must Haves”and “Best Value” and “Splurge-Worthy.” Who needs a beauty magazine when you can hear it from your actual friends — “Yes, this under-eye cream is worth $60 per 2.7 fluid ounces. Trust me. Game changer.” Bonus Points: Have everyone bring a mask to swap and sip your Mind & Body Wine as the masks dry.

Not that working out or “wellness” have a direct relationship to wine. Wine is to be enjoyed in moderation, as its own thing, kind of like a good cheese or Benedict Cumberbatch movies. However, a post- workout gathering among friends with calorie-conscious wine can be a start to more mindful happy hour habits.

*Mind & Body Wines per 5 fl oz. Average Analysis: 9.0% Alcohol by Volume, Calories 90, Carbohydrates 4.87g, Fat 0g, Protein <1.0g

This article is sponsored by Mind & Body Wines.