March Madness 2017 Craft Beer Bracket

March Madness and bracket season is finally upon us. The ranking and seed placements of all 68 teams that made the 2017 NCAA tournament is out, and whether or not your team made the big dance, there’s a good chance you’re following along.

But perhaps you’re not a basketball fan. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with the craft beer basketball bracket. We matched each team with the top brewery in the city where the college or university is located. A couple cities have more than one team, which allowed us to choose more than one brewery and for some teams we had to look outside of the city limits, but we tried to find the closest brewery possible.

Now, here’s how it works. If Duke, represented by Fullsteam Brewery, beats Troy, represented by Railroad Brewing Co., then Fullsteam moves ahead to play the winner between Conquest Brewing and Milwaukee Brewing Co. This will continue until we reach the finals and it’s just two breweries left. The winner will be crowned, people will cheer and one brewery will reign supreme above all others.

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March Madness 2017 Craft Beer Bracket
Click Here To See A Full Size Version (PDF)!

So, who do you have winning it all? See if your favorite brewery made the cut and follow along with your own bracket predictions. A full size printable version is available here.