Here’s Your Drink Pairing for Your March Horoscope

There’s a whole lotta cosmic energy swirling around in March, so it’s all hands on deck! Between the spring equinox, a blue full moon, and more celestial events all happening in the next few weeks, the universe is putting in some long hours. To best channel what the cosmos is trying to communicate with you, why not fix a drink (or two)? Take control of your drinking destiny with VinePair’s March 2018 horoscope.

Aries: Zombie


You knew it was coming, Aries. The first Mercury Retrograde of the year is headed your way. But don’t let it get you down! Embrace the fiery cacophony that comes with this cosmic shift and let uncertainty work for you. Find comfort in the confusion and shrug off discordant vibes as they (inevitably) arise. Yeah, the universe might bat you around like a cat toy for a few days, but if you can power through the chaos —possibly with the help of a playful tiki classic, like a Zombie — then you’ll be purring in delight by the end of the month.

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Taurus: Irish Coffee


This will be a lovely month to be a Taurus. A full moon early in March swells with potential and good ol’ Venus is lending a helping hand, so if you’ve been waiting for good career news, be on the lookout for it this month. But don’t get tunnel vision; balance your career goals with your relationships to ensure neither suffers. Avoid a backslide with bae by staying focused on your future 24/7. Obviously, coffee each morning will help keep you sharp, but by adding just a tipple of whiskey and cream for a perfect Irish coffee, you’ll strike the perfect symmetry of kicking back and totally crushing it.

Gemini: Hot Glueh Kriek


Mercury’s got your back this month, Geminis, and it shows. Career advancement? Thanks, Mercury! Good health? Mercury, you’re the best! Some money is headed your way? Actually, that’s the moon, but I bet Mercury nudged her a bit. Anyhoo, Mercury is hot hot hot in March, and so are you! That’s why this unique brew is just right for you. Cascade Brewing’s Gluek Kriek is a wacky beer blend that’s served at 180 degrees, but you can make it at home if you’re so inclined. I know, “hot” beer isn’t exactly the norm — but neither are you.

Cancer: Witbier


I can’t lie to you, Cancers. March may take a toll on your relationships with others, but this month doesn’t have to spell disaster for your love life. Maybe focus on your career for the next few weeks; Mars is on hand to keep things red-hot at work. Plus, you only have excellent health to look forward to, so that’s a big plus! If you’re worried about how to avoid a romantic meltdown, draw some energy from the blue full moon coming up at the end of the month. The sky is your ally, so snag a witbier and savor those hazy, herbaceous flavors as you gaze toward the stars.

Leo: Limoncello


March is going to be vigorous for Leos, with both the sun and new moon exerting major influences. Both celestial bodies are revving up to supercharge your social life, so get ready to paaaarty! You’re a hunk o’ burning love this month, so let that passion flow back into the world and beyond. Don’t stick with the same ol’ drink you always turn to. Take this opportunity to spread your (drink) wings and fly. Give the Italian-born liqueur limoncello a try. Straight-up or mixed, this funky fruit spirit perfectly encapsulates your unique spirit this month.

Virgo: White Wine Spritzer


Spring has sprung — or at least it will soon — and with it comes all the fresh life that Earth signs can’t get enough of. You know what else you can’t get enough of? Kicking butt at home, work, and with friends! You are unstoppable this month, and this triple threat is likely due to the sun, Mercury, and Saturn all working together just for Virgos. If you start feeling the heat, cool down with a delightfully extravagant white wine spritzer. Yes, it’s a little gauche, but who cares? It’s fun as hell and tasty to boot!

Libra: Negroni


Libras have a lot going for them this month. Demands at work may be high, but you have a rock-solid foundation backing you up. This is especially true during the first week of March, when Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter line up with the waning gibbous moon, signaling that a prosperous turn of fate may be ahead. With the possibility of a fattened wallet in coming days, prepare for your newfound windfall with an extravagant cocktail: the Negroni. Don’t forget the orange peel garnish; it’s the attention to detail that will help you advance in life.

Scorpio: Franciacorta


Things are heating up for Scorpios, so get ready for a dynamite social calendar! Those in relationships may experience a surge of passion (especially mid-month), and singles should be on the lookout for sparks to fly. The chaos caused by Uranus’s influence can easily be channeled into exciting new changes, but it’s up to you, Scorpio, to take charge. Celebrate your potential turn of fate with a glass of Italian Franciacorta wine. It’s like Champagne, but more exclusive — perfect for your VIP lifestyle.

Sagittarius: Session Beer


March is often considered a “transition” month from winter to spring, and this is especially true for you, Sagittarius. It seems like you have a lot in flux, and it’s easy to feel like you’re losing control. However, all is far from lost! You have a whole slew of planets working overtime on your behalf and that can make March a super-rad month for you. Everything you do over the next few weeks will lay the foundation for the rest of the year, so kick back with an easy-drinking session beer. It’ll have all the flavor you deserve without the crushing hangover that will keep you from tapping into your full potential.

Capricorn: Kombucha Cocktail


“I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute.” Bombshell Dita Von Teese’s words have never resonated so strongly with you, Capricorn! You’re captivating everyone you come in contact with this month, and that can pay off big time. All you gotta do is work it, work it, work it! To make sure your inside feels as good as your outside looks, try a boozy kombucha cocktail. The probiotics will keep your gut healthy (and taste great too). Who knows? You may very well be the next trendsetter with this fun, fermented flavor.

Aquarius: Old-Vine Zinfandel


March is going to start strong for you, Aquarius, but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Once Mercury rises in the western sky mid-month, that might shake things up for you health-wise. Don’t ignore that tickle in your throat — it’s time to practice a little self-care. Instead of reaching into your medicine cabinet, take this opportunity to try some more old-school methods. Try a little aromatherapy, or perhaps give acupuncture a go. And if all else fails, pour yourself a rich glass of California old-vine Zinfandel to absorb the sunny terroir of the Golden State.

Pisces: Herb-Infused Vodka


If you’re feeling pensive, Pisces, that’s to be expected. Mars is majorly invested in your success this month and, with the equinox on March 20, it’s the perfect time for fresh starts. It’s natural that you’re feeling contemplative, so allow thoughts — and yes, uncertainties — about the future to arise. As you balance staying grounded with new beginnings, it’s a great time to try vodka infused with your favorite herb. Mix it with a juice or soda and add a vegetal garnish. It may not reveal your ultimate place in the universe… but it just might.