Since the days of Prohibition, Americans have loved ice cream. Like, really loved ice cream — according to the United States Census Bureau, the average American eats roughly 20 pounds of the stuff per year. This widespread affection for the frozen dessert has manifested through an abundance of ice cream shops across the country, both large and small. But of all of the parlors in the U.S. — of which there are over 16,000 — it’s hard to think of one more ubiquitous than Dairy Queen.

The very first Dairy Queen was opened in 1940 in Joliet, Ill., along Route 66 by local entrepreneur J.F. McCullough and his son, Alex. The father-son duo had developed the recipe for what would become Dairy Queen’s iconic soft-serve two years prior, debuting the product at an ice cream shop in Kankakee, Ill., during an “All You Can Eat for 10 Cents Sale.” After more than 1,600 people came to try their soft-serve, the pair believed they could run a successful shop of their own — and they were right.

By 1950, the number of Dairy Queens in the U.S. had skyrocketed to over 3,000, and by 1953, the ice cream chain had expanded to Canada. But how many Dairy Queens are there now? Today, Dairy Queen boasts 5,700 locations across 30 countries, with over 4,300 establishments in the U.S. alone. In fact, Vermont remains the only state without a Dairy Queen. (Its only two former locations have since closed, likely due to residents’ preference for local juggernaut Ben & Jerry’s.)

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Much of the chain’s success is due to its continued innovation: The brand has introduced now-signature treats like the chocolate fudge, peanut, and ice cream-layered Buster Bar; added hotdogs, hamburgers, and other hot foods to its menu; and, of course, created the best-selling Blizzard. Launched in 1985, the Blizzard combines uber-thick custard with chopped-up candy or fruit — or both — and is served with an obligatory “flip” by the employee who made it to show off the dessert’s dense, luscious texture. The Blizzard proved to be an instant success for the chain, which sold over 175 million in its first year alone, and remains a beloved menu item offered in more than two dozen flavors.

How many Dairy Queens are there in your home state? Check out our maps below to see how many outposts are serving up Blizzards in your neck of the woods.

The Number of Dairy Queens in Every State [MAP]

The Number of Dairy Queens by State

State Number of Dairy Queens
Texas 584
Ohio 256
Illinois  250
Minnesota  222
Georgia  208
Indiana  203
Pennsylvania  180
Michigan  155
Florida  154
Kentucky 137
Wisconsin 125
Arizona 110
Missouri 105
Iowa 102
Washington 98
Oregon 96
North Carolina 88
Virginia 87
Tennessee 82
Colorado 79
California 76
New Jersey 73
West Virginia 70
Alabama 65
Kansas 63
Nebraska 53
New York 43
South Dakota 42
North Dakota 41
Connecticut  39
Arkansas 36
Montana 35
Louisiana  34
New Mexico 34
Massachusetts  32
Maryland  28
Mississippi 27
Utah 27
Idaho 25
South Carolina  25
Maine 22
Oklahoma  19
Nevada 18
Delaware 13
New Hampshire 12
Wyoming 10
Hawaii 6
Alaska 5
Rhode Island 2
Vermont 0
Washington D.C.  0

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