For Effortless Evenings, Pair Ketel One With Bubbles

Not all bubbly vodka drinks are created equal. It can be said the most popular choices are the Vodka Tonic or Vodka Soda. However, with so few ingredients in either serve, it is imperative the highest quality of each ingredient be procured to ensure a clean, delicious, and satisfying taste with every sip.

Ketel One vodka, reputed for its taste and texture, has an established history as a crowd-pleasing favorite. In a snap, a Vodka Tonic or Vodka Soda made with Ketel One awakens your palate like the coming spring. The simple but timeless mixture of Ketel One, bubbly water, and perhaps a twist of citrus is all that’s needed to make a refreshing-tasting beverage.

Vodka Soda vs. Vodka Tonic

So what is the difference between Vodka Soda and Vodka Tonic, anyway? Both drinks are similar: Vodka is gently stirred with a bubbly water and often garnished with a twist of lemon or lime. Though both ought to be made with a great vodka, like Ketel One, the only substantial difference is what the spirit is mixed with.

Club soda is simply water that has been injected with carbon dioxide to add bubbles, and infused with added minerals that add salinity. Therefore, the addition of a wedge or twist of fresh lime in a Ketel One Vodka Soda helps balance the salt, effervescence, and taste of a simple yet timeless drink. Ketel One offers a straightforward recipe on its site if you’d like to make one at home.

Tonic water begins similarly to club soda, with carbon dioxide gas and added minerals. However, aside from some added sweetener, what makes tonic “tonic” is the addition of quinine. Quinine is a compound derived from the bark of the cinchona tree in the Caribbean and lends an additional bitter flavor to tonic water to balance out the other flavors. This added flavor note makes a Vodka Tonic a slightly more nuanced drink, capable of both refreshment and as a palate cleanser at the end of a hearty meal.

The origins of both cocktails aren’t crystal clear, but tonic water was first introduced in the mid-1800s. With such a bubbly refresher, it didn’t take long for someone to realize a high quality vodka and twist of lime was a great way to consume it.

When and Where to Order a Sparkling Ketel One

With more daylight and warmer days, spring brings the promise of renewal. This is the quintessential season to cast off our coats and refresh our spirits, and that includes the ones we drink. A fizzy, refreshing Ketel One Vodka Soda or Vodka Tonic makes it the perfect crisp and easy-drinking spring drink.

A Vodka Soda or Vodka Tonic is perhaps best enjoyed in the company of great friends. Sparkling vodka cocktails are no strangers to seasonal celebrations and the nightlife scene, whether that’s a spring wedding reception, a Gemini’s birthday bash, or, of course, a Saturday-evening outing.

Storied New York City nightlife destinations have made thousands of iterations of the Vodka Soda and Vodka Tonic. The same is true of prime nightlife hubs including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and more, which further demonstrates how vodka and bubbles effortlessly marry. Needless to say, Ketel One is the obvious choice as the base for these popular fizzy serves at each venue, and countless others around the world.

Off the dance floor, the ease with which a Vodka Soda or Vodka Tonic can be made has helped cement these beverages as home mixologist standbys for decades. A well-stocked home bar equipped with an excellent bottled club soda or tonic water helps Ketel One shine with the simple swirl of the two ingredients on ice and a little citrus.

The Biggest Difference Is Ketel One

Whether you opt for a Vodka Soda or Vodka Tonic, because there are so few ingredients, the most important factor remains the quality of each ingredient. With just a gentle fizz and perhaps a bit of citrus, there are no syrups, liqueurs, or cocktail fillers to hide behind. Ketel One, with its 39-year track record of creating a deliciously smooth vodka, makes it the clear choice for either fizzy drink.

As spring continues to unfold and each day grows lighter, warmer, and more full of the promises of renewed optimism, what better way to celebrate than with friends and an effervescent Vodka Soda or Vodka Tonic? Whether out on the town on a warm day, a crowded dance floor, or in the comfort of your own home, if you’re in need of a bright refresher, be sure to reach for Ketel One.

This article is sponsored by Ketel One.