How familiar is this scenario? You go into a wine bar with a few friends, and each of you orders a different glass of wine. To your surprise, befuddlement, or possibly delight, each wine is served in a distinctively-shaped glass, no two alike; or perhaps that new craft beer bar down the street uses a handful of different shapes for its pours. So what’s going on here? Does the size and shape of your glass matter? Are you an utter plebeian if you don’t have a wide range of glasses available at home? Or, could companies possibly be trying to trick you into buying a bunch of glassware you don’t actually need?

That’s the topic of conversation for Adam and Zach on this week’s episode of the VinePair podcast: How much is real and how much is marketing, and what glassware is indispensable, optional, and downright silly to have at home?

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