Sauvignon Blanc is grown in almost every wine-producing country in the world, which is why every wine drinker knows it well. But you can’t truly comprehend Sauvignon Blanc until you taste examples from France. The truest expression of the grape is grown in some of the country’s cooler areas, such as the vineyards of the Loire Valley and Bordeaux. While examples from the latter sometimes see new oak, French Sauvignon Blanc in general has much more restraint, with more emphasis placed on tart fruit, minerality, and bright acidity. In fact, you may already be in love with French Sauvignon Blanc and not know it; the wines here are often referred to by their regional names, which are listed below, rather than the grape itself.

Learn about this classic white wine with our illustrated guide to Sauvignon Blanc from France below!

The VinePair Illustrated Guide to Sauvignon Blanc from France