There’s a general rule that New World wines are more fruit-forward than Old World wines, which tend to be mineral-driven. Australian Riesling shatters that notion. While Riesling always has high acidity, Australia’s bottles can be straight-up piercing, practically shredding the enamel from your teeth. While a light white grape might theoretically clash with the massive, fruity reds for which Australia is often known, Riesling was actually the country’s most planted white grape until the 1990s. Infamously dubbed as having notes of “freshly opened can of tennis balls” in the film “Somm,” Australian Riesling balances ripe, limey fruit with distinct non-fruit characteristics in areas throughout South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

Get to know this acidic favorite with our illustrated guide below!

An Illustrated Guide to Riesling from Australia

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