Whether you call it hygge (pronunciation: please don’t) or good old-fashioned reclusiveness, winter weather means staying in with a mug of something hot and boozy. As temperatures decline, and iCals consist of canceled doctors’ appointments, we present an array of Hot Toddy recipes perfect for kicking back and keeping cozy.

The contested origins of Hot Toddies span 17th century India, colonial Great Britain, and a brandy-swilling private physician in 19th century Ireland named Dr. Todd. Regardless of its provenance, today’s Hot Toddy is a versatile drink with questionable health benefits and infinite possibilities. Here are five of our favorites.

The Jameson Hot Toddy


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Irish whiskey, honey, and fresh lemon headline this easy-drinking twist on the classic.

Cranberry Apple Hot Toddy

Cranberry Apple

Drink your vitamins with a generous pour of bourbon in this winter warmer made with apple and cranberry juices.

Rum Hot Toddy


Of course you can swap out the whiskey or bourbon for rum in your Hot Toddy. This is a no-rules, just-right situation.

Grapefruit Hot Toddy


Winter citrus meets herbaceous gin in a bright, bracing cocktail with beautiful color.

Hennessy Hot Toddy

We see you, bottle of Henny gifted by a generous family member for the holidays. Put it to good use in this hot-tea cocktail lightly sweetened with maple syrup.