With the new year and resolution season in full swing, the first major goal for many adults arrives in the form of completing or partaking in Dry January. A full month of no drinking, Dry January offers an oasis of moderation — a no-questions-asked, no-explanation-required opportunity to take some time off drinking after a holiday season’s worth of festivities.

The prospect of participating in Dry January has never been more compelling, with the non-alcoholic drinks sector exploding in recent years. With a number of spectacular non-alcoholic wines, beers, and spirits to enjoy in 2023, those interested in Dry January — or looking for delicious alternatives to alcohol altogether — have a plethora of options to delve into.

For us at VinePair, the month’s favorite dry picks range from effervescent sparkling waters to herbal teas, hop-forward IPA alternatives, and aperitifs. Read on to discover the VinePair staff’s go-to picks for Dry January.

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“I did Dry Jan last year and tried out the Kin Spritz. I was sold on the branding and packaging but the taste is bitter like an aperitif if you like something that tastes like a cocktail.” —Bobbie Thorn, account manager, brand partnerships and activations

“My go-to non-alc option is the Nixie Ginger Lime sparkling water.” —Zach Geballe, contributor and producer of the “VinePair Podcast”

“I’ve recently come to really enjoy Hop Waters, despite being skeptical for a long time about the existence of the category. Sierra Nevada’s Hop Splash and Lagunitas’s Hoppy Refreshers are my two go-to non-alc drinks. The latter in a weird way tastes like the ideal — or at least my ideal — of the once-promising, now remembered only as a punchline (if at all) Brut IPA: i.e., all of the tropically hoppy aromatics in a dry, bubbly package.” —Josh Malin, president and co-founder

“It’s gotta be ginger ale for me. While I rarely indulge in soda throughout the year, when the time comes to take a break from alcohol for a bit, I’ll reach for the one soft drink that covers all of my non-alc cravings. Plus, it makes for a wonderful mixer post-January as well.” —Dario Foroutan, social editor

“For Dry January, if I’m momentarily participating, I’ll always opt for a Lemon Spindrift. Refreshing, bubbly, and so delicious, I could drink a whole case if I let myself.” —Olivia White, editorial assistant

“I’ll be drinking a lot of private-label supermarket seltzer this month for Dry January. F*ck my enamel. Or tap water. Who are we, Rockefellers?” —Dave Infante, contributing editor and columnist

“For Dry January I’m a big fan of Diet Coke.” —Nicolette Baker, news writer

“For my Dry January swap, I’m going for herbal tea. It’s cozy, there’s an infinite number of flavors, and it’s hydrating — something I sorely need after the holiday season.” —Sylvie Baggett, branded content editor

“I’ve never committed to Dry January but what I am committed to is my love of Topo Chico. Drinking aggressively bubbly water out of a glass bottle is one of life’s simple pleasures.” —Katie Brown, editor

“Whether taking the full month off drinking or not (usually the latter), every January I revisit the impossibly simple pleasure of soda water and aromatic bitters on the rocks. Granted, brands like Angostura contain alcohol, but when you’re only adding three or four dashes to a glass, you comfortably fall within the boundaries of what’s considered ‘non-alcoholic.’ More importantly, this simple combo delivers a complex yet refreshing highball — perfect for satisfying cocktail cravings.” —Tim McKirdy, managing editor