For the Best Brunch Pairings, Just Add Zonin Prosecco

For millions of Americans, no Sunday is complete without its pre-work week rituals. Brunch, an institution in its own right, is the perfect opportunity to bring together friends and family over comforting dishes and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere that fosters a sense of togetherness and community. Whether it’s classics like eggs Benedict and a Mimosa or newer favorites, a cheerful glass of bubbles certainly helps mark the occasion either at a favorite spot or in the comfort of an at-home brunch.

Prosecco has long been a bubbly brunch classic, and it’s no wonder why: Its versatility makes it perfect for pairing with a slightly acidic hollandaise sauce, sticky French toast, a sweet spread of fruits, and more. With more than 200 years of winemaking experience steeped in a dedication to craftsmanship, Zonin Prosecco makes brunch an even more enjoyable meal.

Out to Brunch With Sparkling Friends

Brunch has long been established as a meal associated with rest and relaxation, and to that effect, indulgence has played its part. While classic dishes like French toast and fruit spreads are timeless for a reason and can often be made for the comfort of a home brunch, sometimes a restaurant can truly bring another dimension to the meal. Ordering a Zonin Prosecco cocktail like an Aperol Spritz with brunch to pair with an indulgent spread of caviar and smoked salmon certainly makes the trip worthwhile.

Another dish that’s gained popularity on brunch menus the last few years has been the Dutch Baby. It’s likely been trending due to the wide range of possibilities it presents diners, as well as how delicious it is. This oven-baked eggy pancake can be served with sweet accompaniments like fruit and powdered sugar, or, conversely, it can be served with cheese, onions, and meats baked right into the batter. However you prefer to order your Dutch Baby, a Zonin Prosecco Bellini would pair wonderfully as either a sweet addition or a zippy contrast.

Make brunch complete by ordering a cocktail with Zonin Prosecco.

Another delicious dish that’s recently gained popularity the world over is shakshuka, a northwest African dish of eggs poached in a rich tomato-based sauce often spiced with cumin, paprika, and cayenne. A solitary glass of Prosecco pairs wonderfully with this new brunch staple — Zonin Prosecco’s delicate sweetness and crisp finish perfectly balance the richness of the egg yolks and the spicy tomato stew.

And of course, no brunch menu would be complete without gently folded crepes that can be filled with all sorts of delicious fruits, jams, and sweet spreads. The delicately flavored pastry is a wonderful way to enjoy a mid-morning brunch, especially when followed by a Sgroppino — an Italian cocktail made with Prosecco, vodka, and lemon sorbet frothed in a bowl and poured into a chilled glass. Moreover, a Zonin Prosecco Sgroppino makes a great palate cleanser if charcuterie or more savory dishes are to follow a rich crepe’s opening to brunch.

In for Brunch — Make It Pop!

Sometimes brunch can be an exciting at-home affair, and that includes all the necessary bubbles. Luckily, Zonin Prosseco pours just as easily at home as it does at your favorite brunch spot. Whether enjoyed as a stunningly simple treat on its own or paired with your favorite fresh fruit juice, Prosecco makes for an ideal beverage of choice for hosting brunch at home.

Staying in for brunch? Make It Pop!

If eggs Benedict is your brunch dish of choice, a glass of Zonin Prosecco on its own provides the right amount of fruitiness and effervescence to balance the richness of a perfectly running poached egg yolk. Even better, the residual sugars from a sip of Prosecco stand up to the crispy, smoky, meaty flavor of Canadian bacon.

A rich plate of French toast with maple syrup spread between each layer and a generous dusting of powdered sugar pairs perfectly with a Prosecco-made Mimosa. The gentle bubbles in a Mimosa easily cleanse a sticky palate while leaving a pleasing finish. The combination of maple syrup against a Zonin Prosecco Mimosa also creates a lovely contrast between the richness of the syrup and the acidity of the orange juice.

A Brilliantly Bubbly Finish

Brunch is a time to unwind, reconnect, and indulge in great tastes. Prosecco has long played an important part in creating a memorable brunch experience, and Zonin Prosecco has dedicated 200 years to the craft of winemaking. Prosecco’s ability to pair with salty, meaty, sweet, sticky, and/or spicy dishes makes it a clear pairing for the meal.

While so much can change from week to week, the routine of a pleasurable midday meal each weekend affords an opportunity to establish a sense of place and belonging before we resume the responsibilities of our weekday lives. Every brunch should be an effortless meal to start the week on a great note. So pull up a chair, pop the cork, and dedicate some time to yourself and your loved ones with brunchtime treats and a glass of Zonin Prosecco.

This article is sponsored by Zonin Prosecco.