Fall has officially arrived, and with it a fresh crop of sports and Netflix to watch, and all pumpkin everything to rank. Will the coming month bring professional drama? Romantic intrigue? Raging parties? In any case, what should you drink?

Don’t fret. Your October pairing horoscope is here! It can’t answer all your questions, but it can keep eyes open and glasses filled in the weeks ahead.

Aries: Beaujolais

AriesIn the words of the Rembrandts, “I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall.” October for you, dear Aries, will be like an episode of “Friends” with buoyant Jupiter transiting through your seventh house like a pal cracking wise on a ’90s-patterned couch. The full moon is coming and your cosmic energy is all about making connections until that big lunar swell in the sky carries you to the next level. Whether it be in personal or professional life you will doing a lot of socializing. So gather your Monicas and your Chandlers and pop a bottle of one of the most social wines out there: low-alcohol and bright, berry-driven Beaujolais. It will lift your spirits and keep you jovial like Phoebe with an acoustic guitar.

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Taurus: Rye Whiskey

TaurusMore than half the planets are residing in your sixth house this month, dear Scorpio, and jolly Jupiter has been hanging there since November of last year! You know what that means, don’t you? Well, I’ll tell ya. It ,means you have been working hard on your goals for some time, and now you have all the heavenly support you need to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But don’t do it alone. Like a well-written children’s book states, “It takes a village.” So gather those who have helped you get to this point and relish in the love and spirituality of success. Grab a nice bottle of hearty, soul-warming rye and dole out some drams for you and your pals. Watch the sunset and take it all in.

Gemini: Txakolina

GeminiWake me up before you go-go, Gemini. I want to hit the dance floor with you this month! The stars predict that October is going to be an especially lucky month in romance and friendships. Your job is stable and that’s awesome; it’s time to let it all hang out and play that social card. See what happens and rack up those Uber points. For the next few weeks it’s all about social gatherings so get familiar with one of the most communal wines out there, Txakoli from Spain. This slightly fizzy white wine is poured into a glass from arms length, and has all the bright fruit and acidity of a stimulating get-together. Let your friends try to pour it into a glass while standing on a chair and have a good laugh. You deserve it.

Cancer: Cognac

CancerSaturn is your teacher all settled into your sixth house and ready to guide you throughout October. This is a month to learn, and you are ready for it. When it comes to work and personal goals, Saturn the patriarch is ready for a little one-on-one tutoring to help you navigate the tides of the heavens. Do the scholarly thing and grab a nice bottle of Cognac, because if you listen to what the father of the rivers is telling you you will be able to afford it, and let its smooth caramel flavors soothe as you take copious cosmic notes.

Leo: NV Champagne

LeoYou are always the center of attention, little lion. But with Jupiter in your third house since last September, you have learned to listen and be communicative based on those contributions around you. You are in for a lucky next few weeks and, well, you deserve to celebrate. You have done the work and the money has flowed, so grab yourself a non-vintage Champagne, find your bestie and pop those bubbles in victory.

Virgo: Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux

VirgoWhy hello virtuous Virgo! Jupiter is moving with cosmic positivity into your financial house in the first part of this month and just hangin’ out. It’s time for a new beginning. And it’s one of those new beginnings that will allow you to live a little. You have done a lot of work over the past year and are in a very comfortable position to let all the well-oiled cogs go to work. Treat yourself to a nice, expensive Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux. Pour a glass and let the wine peel open with aromas of black cherry fruit and pencil box, and blossom like your plan that has mostly come together.

Libra: The Moonwalk

LibraBeautiful Libra, you are walking on air. Jupiter is having such a wonderful effect on the zodiac this month and you are no exception. He dominates your first house and wants to share his good fortune with you! It’s time to go out and celebrate. You have a plan in place and the stars are predicting that you will achieve it with ease. So make yourself a Moonwalk cocktail, inspired by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s 1969 flight to the moon. It was actually the first cocktail they had when back on Earth. Combine grapefruit, orange liqueur, and a hint of rosewater topped with Champagne and celebrate!

Scorpio: 18 Year Macallan

ScorpioJupiter, the planet of good fortune and higher learning, is transiting through twelfth house this month. Great news, right!? This means any issue you were working through in September will be resolved in the coming weeks. Whether it was personal or professional, you will find yourself experiencing self-growth and an expansion of self-identity. You will also be more financially secure this month than you’ve been all year. Treat yourself with a bottle of 18 year Macallan Scotch whiskey. It is a bit expensive but a great investment for well-earned self-congratulations.

Sagittarius: 2011 Brunello di Montalcino

SagittariusO.K., you sassy Sag, you. October is going to be a fun month for the zodiac. Jupiter is bounding through houses and giving good fortune wherever he lands. You will experience this as well, but a little differently. Whereas most signs who have been working hard will be are able to sit back and realize the fruits of their laborss, you will have to concentrate on your responsibilities and work hard this month to have a victorious last week of October. So go out now and grab a 2011 Brunello di Montalcino. This new-vintage release of one of the most full-bodied red wines in Italy needs a little time in the bottle to settle. If you drink it now it will be too tight. But when you’re done with all your work at the end of the month, the wine will be ready for you.

Capricorn: 2010 Saint-Emilion Bordeaux

CapricornThe heavens are working for you this month, Cappy. It’s your job to see the signs and utilize them. In the beginning of the month, Mars trines Pluto, which will help you innovate and find a solution to something that has been bugging you for weeks. You will feel in tune with your goals. Seize that opportunity and gain confidence for the second half of the month when Venus trines Pluto and you will have to deal with someone with questionable intentions. Take the energy you have gathered and rise above. The result will be a success, financially and emotionally. Reward yourself with a 2010 Saint-Emilion Bordeaux. This is some of the sexiest and most elegant wine on the planet from an amazing year. Grab it in the first week of the month and sip the love right before Halloween.

Aquarius: Mezcal

AquariusYour ninth house is the house of philosophy. And this is the house Jupiter will be transiting in this month. It’s time to go on a spirit walk, cosmically speaking. Work and personal life are doing just fine and now it’s time to take a deep dive into Lake You. Take the next few weeks to be introspective, and when you come back from your inner journey the job will still be there and you will be ready for any challenges that may arise come November. Invest in a bottle of one of the most spiritual elixirs this Earth has to offer. Mezcal, with its smoky roasted agave aromas has been a go-to for the people of Oaxaca for many years. Tap into your inner self with a dram or two before bed.

Pisces: Vinho Verde

PiscesOh, gentle Pisces, you’re molting! It is a time to embark on a new beginning. With jolly Jupiter in your eighth house of transformation you are in for a regeneration. You have spent the last few months doing a lot of deep soul work to connect to your highest self. Now with your newfound knowledge you can give death to your ego and rise from the ashes of previous doubt. Pair your new life course with a Vinho Verde. This light and slightly effervescent white wine from Portugal is named for the new harvest celebrating the new vintage. Celebrate new you.