Diálogos con Familia: Eloy Pacheco [Video]

This video is part of a series highlighting the importance of authentic tequila, partnered by PATRÓN. Discover more at The World of PATRÓN.

Born in Mexico, Eloy Pacheco is the head bartender at a world-class establishment in the West Village in New York City. For over 100 years, guests have lined up around the block just for a chance to sit at the bar. “Saturday night, the bar is gonna be packed, tables are gonna be full,” Pacheco says. “People wait to just sit at the bar and see what we do.” Much like PATRÓN®, Pacheco treats every member of his team like family, ensuring that guests receive a paramount cocktail experience.

Since Dante first opened in 1915, coffee has been a staple on the menu. Drawing on the bar’s history, Pacheco’s PATRÓN signature cocktail features sherry, coffee, coffee liqueur, chocolate bitters, and delicious PATRÓN Reposado Tequila. A salted honey cream garnish illuminates the honeyed citrus tasting notes of the tequila. With flavors like that, it’s no wonder that people wait in line for a drink made by Pacheco.

“It feels like a dream,” he says. “And it feels great.”

Video by: Marshall McDonald

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