Dessert & Whisky Pairings to Satisfy Your Holiday Sweet Tooth

After a hearty holiday meal, there’s only a couple things left to do — loosen your belt to the next hole, pour a dram of fine whisky, and dig into the massive amounts of delectable holiday desserts with your friends and family. But with so many options (of both whisky and desserts), the question begs what goes best with what? On their own, each is certainly going to taste wonderful, but the possibility of utilizing the flavors and aromas of different Crown Royal whisky expressions to reach a heightened holiday dessert experience at your own table is easily attainable.

Below, check out some of the best Crown Royal and dessert pairings to sweeten up your holiday table.

Crown Royal Deluxe With Sugar Cookies

Need something to go with the mountains of cookies you’ve acquired over the course of the holiday season? Reach for Crown Royal Deluxe. With rich vanilla and fruit flavors, Crown Royal Deluxe pairs excellently with a wide variety of cookie types, but sugar cookies pair especially well with the whisky. The creaminess in the whisky and its spiced apple and spiced vanilla custard flavors shine when paired with this basic yet delicious cookie. Have other cookies present? Never fear, the easy-sipping, open flavor of Crown Royal matches innumerable other types and always delivers on taste.

Crown Royal Vanilla With Apple Pie & Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love a good slice of warm apple pie with some ice cream to end a meal? With this pairing, the best way to have the whisky and the dessert play off each other is to use them in tandem. Drizzling Crown Royal Vanilla over the pie and ice cream creates a nice counterpoint to the dessert by allowing the vanilla flavors to take the main stage as the opening act, introducing the sweet, cinnamon apples as the main event. As the ice cream melts and begins to mix with Crown Royal Vanilla on the bottom of the plate, this liquid becomes a tasty topper for the pie, coating the chunks of apple in a fine whisky-flavored blanket. The baking spice notes from the whisky, too, play well with the pie crust and the spices used to make the pie filling.

Crown Royal Rye With Crème Brulee

While it may not be the first holiday dessert that comes to mind, crème brulee is an excellent choice when you want something a little showy (or a reason to play with that new kitchen torch you were gifted by your now favorite aunt or uncle). Smooth, sweet, and creamy, crème brulee is a great accompaniment to Crown Royal Rye. The baking spice and honey nose will complement the burnt sugar topping of the dessert. Those same baking spice flavors from the rye team up with notes of butterscotch and vanilla to create a delectable force to be reckoned with, especially when introduced to the sweet cream flavor of the crème brulee. The slight spice on the palate and finish, too, cut through some of that sweetness for a pleasant, lingering flavor with every sip and bite.

Crown Royal Extra Rare 18 Year Old With Dark Chocolate Truffles

When you are pouring a dram of the pinnacle of Crown Royal’s portfolio, you want to keep it simple and let the whisky shine. This expression is a blend of three whiskies expertly picked and blended by Crown Royal’s master blender and aged for no less than 18 years. The resulting product blooms with vanilla and stone fruit followed by oak, spice, and nougat flavors. Take this whisky and pair it with a nice, simple dark chocolate truffle to enhance the spice and nougat notes while allowing the velvety, full-bodied whisky to shine.

This article is sponsored by Crown Royal.