While going to the movies seems like a good idea in theory, the experience can often be quite lackluster. The overpriced tickets, the annoyingly loud bunch of teenagers behind you, and, worst of all, the astronomical prices of drinks and snacks. I mean, really, after $15 per ticket, who can afford to spend an additional $15 on a small candy and Coke? For that price, you could get yourself an entire, delicious bottle of wine at your local purveyor. This got us thinking: Why not recreate your night at the movies from your very own couch, booze and snacks included? We’ve compiled a list of drink and movie snack pairings for all of your theater favorites. Grab some booze, hit the snacks, and take your next Netflix & Chill sesh to a whole ‘nother level.

M&Ms & Merlot

M&Ms - Merlot

The crisp, candy outside and soft, milk chocolate interior of M&Ms mesh beautifully with a smooth, medium-bodied Merlot.

Popcorn & Champagne

Popcorn & Champagne

We know it sounds crazy, but Champagne and popcorn is the ultimate wine and snack pairing. The lip-tingling acidity in Champagne paired with the buttery, salty flavors of popcorn is to die for.

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Sour Patch Kids & Moscato

Sour Patch Kids & Moscato

The effervescent sweetness of Moscato beautifully offsets the tangy, sour kick of our favorite childhood candy.

Buncha Crunch & Lambrusco

Buncha Crunch & Lambrusco
Photo via Amazon

This pairing might sound a little crazy at first, but the malty milk chocolate and frothy red wine will be like a delicious candy bar — PB&J sandwich in your mouth. You’ll thank us later.

Soft Pretzel – Märzen

Soft Pretzel - Märzen

This classic Okotberfest lager and fluffy, salt-dusted pretzel will have you feeling like you’re in Munich in no time.

Cookie Dough Bites & Tawny Port

Cookie Dough Bites - Tawny Port

This is our favorite pairing by far… but we think you need to try it for yourself.

 Skittles & Prosecco

 Skittles & Prosecco

Look for a sweeter style of Prosecco (ironically, it will say “Extra Dry or Dry” on the label.) No one ever left a sparkles-and-skittles pairing unhappy.

Hot Dogs & Your Favorite Six-Pack

Hot Dogs & Your Favorite Six Pack

Because who are we to tell you what beer to drink with your hot dogs? From pilsner to IPA, suds and dogs just go together. Don’t forget the condiments!

Raisinets & Ruby Port

Raisinets & Ruby Port

Chocolate-covered raisins and booze-covered wine.. Makes sense, right? This pairing is to die for. Proceed with caution — the extra booze in port had us movie-theater tipsy a little sooner than expected.

Twizzlers & Sparkling Rosé

Twizzlers & Sparkling Rosé

If you can find the pull-and-peel kind, send them our way. If not, the bright cherry flavors of this gummy snack pair beautifully with the textured bubbles of a sparkling rosé.

Whoppers & Amontillado Sherry

Whoppers & Amontillado Sherry

The nutty flavor profile of an amontillado sherry paired with the malty, milk chocolate goodness of a handful of Whoppers is absolutely mouthwatering.

Mike & Ikes & Verdejo

Mike & Ikes & Verdejo

For non-sweet wine lovers, this pairing is for you. The fruit-forward, fresh flavors of Verdejo-based wines are gorgeous with every fruit flavor in the box (you can keep the lemon.)

 Nachos & American Pale Lager

 Nachos & American Pale Lager

Beer, beer, and more beer. The only rule here is that you have to make your homemade nachos in the same, F-grade style of the theater; soggy, mediocre chips topped with squeezy cheese. Yum.

Sno Caps & Bourbon

Sno Caps & Bourbon

The sweetness imparted from new American oak aging, plus the additional sweetness that comes from the corn-base of bourbon is delectable with milk chocolate candies, like Sno-Caps.

Swedish Fish & Off-Dry to Sweet Riesling

Swedish Fish & Off-Dry to Sweet Riesling

These sweet little fish are perfectly complemented by the residual sugar (RS) in off-dry to sweet Rieslings. Just avoid the word trocken on your bottle and you’ll be safe!

Icee & Vodka

Icee & Vodka
Photo via Icee

And if all else fails, just make some homemade icees and spike ‘em, right? This is sure to take you back to your 16-year-old movie-going days.